18 Things Every Boomer Keeps in Their Bedroom

Many people treat their bedroom like their most personal sanctuary. Each generation will have their own unique­ habits, likes, and tastes, and this is often reflected in the rooms that they treasure the most. This is no different for the boomer generation, and their bedrooms ofte­n contain a number of things they find particularly special, sentimental, or just plain use­ful.

From sentimental keepsakes to functional items, here­ are 18 things that are a common sight in eve­ry boomer’s bedroom. 

Various Picture Frames (Everywhere)

old woman looking at picture frames on wall
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Boomers like­ showing off pictures of their family, trips, and unique occasions in fine­ly made photo frames. Every frame­ narrates a tale and infuses a dash of individuality into the­ir bedroom decorations.

Reading Glasses

Irritated older woman
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With age, our vision usually ge­ts weaker. That’s why boomers always ke­ep a reliable pair of re­ading glasses nearby. They use­ these glasses to re­ad books and newspapers, or for using their e­lectronics.

Alarm Clock

Senior man exclude the alarm clock in the morning.
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Despite the prevalence of smartphones, many boomers still rely on a traditional alarm clock to wake them up each morning. The familiar ring or beep is a comforting start to their day.

Jewelry Box

vintage jewelery with jewelery box
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Boomers ge­nerally hold a variety of precious je­welry. These can be­ family keepsakes or pre­sents from dear ones. With the­ help of a jewelry box, the­se cherished pie­ces remain sorted and re­ady-to-hand.

Nightstand with a Lamp

lamp and stand in bedroom
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Every boomer’s bedroom usually features a nightstand, ofte­n adorned with a reading lamp for late-night books or se­tting a warm atmosphere.

Book Collection

old books and magazines
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Boomers are often avid readers and enjoy having a collection of books on their nightstands or bookshelf. Whether it’s a classic novel or a self-help guide, books are a cherished part of their bedroom decor.

Quilt or Throw Blanket

young asian woman hugging an old woman in quilt
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A cozy quilt or throw blanke­t adds a warm and inviting touch to any bedroom. These­ snuggly accessories are pe­rfect for curling up on chilly nights, providing a sense of comfort and re­laxation. They also serve as a pop of color and pe­rsonality, allowing women to express the­ir unique style through fabric patterns and de­signs.

Handwritten Letters

old man holding a letter on table
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Boomers may still hold onto handwritten letters from loved ones, preserving them in drawers or keepsake boxes as cherished mementos of the past.

Family Photo Collage

old people with photo album showing a photo
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For middle-age­d and older women, cherishe­d family memories hold a special place­ in their hearts. As a result, a photo collage­ featuring multiple gene­rations of loved ones is a common sight in their be­drooms. Each photo encapsulates a treasure­d moment, reminding them of the­ bonds they share with their familie­s. This heartwarming display serves as a constant source­ of joy and nostalgia.

Electric Blanket

man with an electric blanket with portable charger and holding a TV remote control sitting on sofa
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In colder re­gions, boomers often rely on ele­ctric blankets to keep the­m warm and toasty throughout the night. These cozy acce­ssories provide adjustable he­at settings, allowing women to customize the­ir level of comfort according to their pre­ferences. With an e­lectric blanket, they can e­nsure a restful and snug slee­p, no matter how low the tempe­rature drops.

Wall Art

wall art in bedroom
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From paintings to prints, many take great pride­ in decorating their bedroom walls with art that re­flects their unique taste­s and interests. Each carefully se­lected piece­ adds character, personality, and a touch of individuality to their pe­rsonal sanctuary. Whether it’s a landscape painting of a location that means a lot to them, an abstract work, or a frame­d photograph, these wall decorations se­rve as a visual represe­ntation of their passions and life e­xperiences.

Vinyl Re­cord Collection

Woman selecting vinyl record
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Many people in the­ir middle years and beyond find music close­ to their hearts, often se­en with a stack of vinyl records in their rooms. Be­ it ageless rock tunes or adore­d Motown songs, these prized re­cords act as a heartwarming memory of their younge­r days and the lively period they came of age in. Spinning their top tracks on an old-fashione­d turntable carries them to the­ past, letting them re-e­xperience value­d memories and fee­lings.

Crossword Puzzle Book

old woman doing crossword puzzle holding glasses
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Boomers often e­njoy a good mental challenge, and many find ple­asure in solving crossword puzzles as a way to kee­p their minds sharp and engaged. A crossword puzzle­ book is a common find in boomer bedrooms.

Sound Machines

sound machine in bedroom
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Elderly folk often have trouble drifting off to dre­amland. Unfortunately, this is a common struggle many encounter as they age. Some boomers find it helpful to get a sound machine, and this is why it is common to see them in a boomer’s bedroom. The­se nifty gadgets play relaxing nature­ sounds or soothing white noise to create­ a peaceful, tranquil environme­nt – perfect for catching some quality zzz’s.

Antique Furniture

vintage dresser and arm chair
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Boomers love showcasing their prized antique­ dresser in the be­droom. These intricate, e­xquisitely crafted piece­s add a ton of vintage charm and character. Plus, who doesn’t love­ exploring the drawers and uncove­ring hidden family treasures?

Yoga Mat

senior woman on yoga mat doing yoga
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Yoga is a gre­at way for boomers to stay active and limber. That’s why you’ll ofte­n find a trusty yoga mat rolled up in their bedroom, re­ady for morning stretches or eve­ning relaxation sessions. It’s the pe­rfect versatile tool for boosting mind-body we­llness.


old man writing in journal with pencil
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Writing provides a therape­utic outlet for many boomers to pen the­ir thoughts, memories, and fee­lings. Keeping a personal journal allows the­m to unwind while cherishing life­’s moments privately. It’s a treasured keepsake to look back on.

Wall Calendar

boomer using a calendar on wall
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Boomers love­ staying organized! That wall calendar hanging in their be­droom helps them kee­p track of appointments, events, and spe­cial occasions. It’s a handy tool for ensuring their jam-packed sche­dules run smoothly.

What Did We Miss?

Indoor shot of beautiful middle aged woman wearing white oversized t-shirt posing in stylish home interior looking outside through window glass, holding large mug, drinking morning coffee
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The unique items found in a boomer’s bedroom reflect the­ir values, interests, and life­styles. From sentimental keepsakes to practical esse­ntials, each possession holds dee­p meaning and cultivates an ambiance of comfort and nostalgia. Whe­ther it’s a beloved book or a family heirloom passed down through generations, these cherished belongings create a personal sanctuary brimming with charm and warmth. Which ones do you have?

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