17 Creepy Behaviors Guys Have That Leave Women Feeling Unsettled

Every woman has some story about being creeped out by a guy. However, most of the time, guys don’t even realize they’re being creepy.

If you’re unsure about how your behavior makes others feel, take a look at this list to see what guys do that can actually make women feel super uncomfortable. 


Asian young men catcalling a displeased young woman
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To be honest, when has catcalling ever actually gotten a positive response? Catcalling or heckling a woman as she walks past isn’t attractive, and it certainly isn’t going to get her to come over and ask you out. The majority of the time, catcalling someone makes them feel super uncomfortable and incredibly isolated.

Telling Them You’re A Nice Guy

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Persistently telling someone you’re one of the nice guys typically gives them the opposite impression. If you are a genuinely nice guy, prove it with your actions; don’t tell them repeatedly.

Asking If They Live Alone

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Flirting with a woman you’ve never met before by asking where and if they live alone sets off major alarm bells. Try not to make it seem like you are planning on stalking them, as that is not the best foundation on which to build a relationship. 

Excessively Stalk Their Socials

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Going on a date with a woman isn’t some sort of homework assignment. Doing a deep dive through all their social media platforms and finding out everything about their friends, family, and childhood can be incredibly unnerving. Get to know them in real life rather than doing a forensic examination of their online footprint.

Blocking Their Path

A direspectful man blocking the path of a woman
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Some guys have a habit of using their physical strength or size to block a woman from moving if they’re not done talking. Whether intentional or not, using your body to block someone’s path can be super uncomfortable and, at times, outright unnerving. 

Overly Intense Eye Contact

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Too much eye contact can be intense. Especially if you’ve just met someone, staring excessively into their eyes or constantly following them with your gaze can be super uncomfortable and, to be honest, can feel a little predatory.

Touching Her Waist

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There is absolutely no need for you to grab a woman by the waist when trying to get past her. It’s weird and, to be honest, a bit creepy. You wouldn’t do it to another man, so don’t do it to a woman. 

Road Rage

Angry young adult driver man scream on people and sitting in car with tired woman
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Picking a woman up for a first date and then proceeding to yell and scream at other cars and drivers can be super off-putting. Not only does it raise safety concerns, but it also suggests potential anger issues and a quick temper, which is not the most comforting trait for women.

Liking All Her Posts

Man swiping dating app
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Going through her entire social media and liking every post she’s ever made isn’t romantic, and frankly, it’s a bit weird.

Abusing A Position Of Power

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Using a position of power to hit on women is incredibly uncomfortable. Whether it’s as a co-worker, a boss, a police officer, or a cab driver, abusing authority to pursue someone makes them immediately feel trapped, uncomfortable, and unable to speak out against inappropriate advances. 

Telling A Woman To Smile

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Women don’t owe you anything, least of all a smile. Demanding someone smile is almost guaranteed to have the opposite effect. 

Being Overly Romantic

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Being overly romantic can come across as slightly delusional, or worse, can be seen as love-bombing. Constantly telling someone they’re the person you’ve been searching for and showering them with excessive gifts puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on them.

Not Taking No For An Answer

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If someone says no they usually mean it. It isn’t a challenge or an attempt on their part at acting coy. Ultimately, no means no, and it is not an invitation for you to try harder. 

Too Many Compliments

I'm not interested. Bored and tired young woman yawning while listening to a boring man during a date at the coffee shop
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There is nothing wrong with complimenting the person you like, but overdoing it can be a bit weird. Constantly telling someone how beautiful they are or how attractive you find them can come off as disingenuous and, to be honest, can be pretty uncomfortable.

Randomly Smashing Or Breaking Things

male fist smashing glass
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For some reason, certain guys seem to think that being destructive makes them seem more manly. Ultimately, if a guy is randomly destroying things, it just shows a level of immaturity, aggressive behavior, and a lack of control that makes women feel unsafe and uneasy around such behavior.

Excessive Touching

Man's Hand Touching Woman's Back
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Unsolicited and nonconsensual touching can be incredibly uncomfortable. Especially when it’s done to retail or service industry workers. Respect their personal space and professional boundaries. You wouldn’t stroke your male server’s back or put your hand on your colleague’s waist, so why do it to women?

Elevator Flirting

close up of a man flirting a woman in an elevator
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Cornering women in a confined space is not sexy; it’s terrifying. If you want to flirt with someone, it’s best to give them space rather than leave them feeling trapped. 

Don’t Be A Creep

Sad woman hugging her boyfriend and looking down couple problems concept
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We all upset people from time to time, but it’s important to be aware of how your actions can come across to others. No one wants to be labeled a creep, so remember to respect people’s boundaries and be open to communication. If someone says no or tells you to stop, then respect their decision.

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