16 Things Introverts Do That Other People Think Are Weird

While approximately half the world’s population are introverts, it’s still an extrovert’s world.

Extroverts largely misunderstand introverts and regard these lovers of peace and solitude as oddballs lacking social graces and basic communication skills.

Here’s a look at 16 things introverts do that others think are as crazy as the night is long.

1. They Don’t Hang Out Much

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Introverts prefer small gatherings — preferably one-on-one — over large gatherings any day. So, they’re likely to take a raincheck if asked to go to a party or a group dinner at a restaurant. 

For extroverts who love enjoying time with family and friends, introverts who aren’t as outgoing come across as peculiar — and that’s putting it nicely.

2. They Never Answer Their Phone

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If you know any introverts, you understand they’re not into frequent or extended phone conversations. So, if you call them, don’t be surprised if they never answer. Introverts will let callers leave voice messages and then get back to the callers later. And when introverts return the message, it’s likely to be via email or text rather than a phone call.

3. They Don’t Actively Seek to Make New Friends

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Introverts prefer close relationships with a few people they trust over superficial interactions among a larger group. While they’re not against making new friends, they won’t actively pursue them. So, while it might seem weird when introverts avoid mingling with people they don’t know, aren’t close to, or don’t like, there’s a method to the madness.

4. They Avoid Small Talk

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Have you ever been in an elevator with an introvert? Trying to establish eye contact won’t work. They’re not having any of it. And small talk? The idea of engaging in meaningless chit-chat about the weather is about as painful for an introvert as a tooth canal surgery without a local anesthetic. If that sounds awfully dramatic, you don’t know any introverts.

5. They Don’t Like Unplanned Visits

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Introverts don’t like surprises. They might tolerate them. But tolerating and liking are two mutually exclusive terms. An introvert might get bent out of shape by an unexpected visit. It’s not necessarily who pays them a visit. They just want prior notice.

6. They Dwell in the Realm of Silence

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An introvert can spend a lot of time in silence. It’s not that they don’t have anything to say. But introverts spend a lot of time processing information. It might be odd to you, though, if an introverted friend often seems disconnected from world around them.

7. They Bid Adieu Before Anyone Else Does

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If an introvert goes to an outing with a group of friends, chances are good that the introvert will be among the first to thank everyone for a pleasant evening before bolting. It’s not that they don’t enjoy other people’s company. They simply get drained quickly in social settings.

8. They Sometimes Avoid People — Just Because

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An introvert living in an apartment building might wait by the front door of their unit until people in the hallway disperse. It’s about avoiding unnecessary interaction.

9. They Ignore People They Know When Out and About

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Don’t be offended if you’re at the mall, see an introverted friend, and notice them ignoring or avoiding you. They don’t do this to be disrespectful. It’s about not being prepared mentally to engage in a conversation. So, they’ll just go about their business as usual.

10. They Don’t Take Praise Well

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Introverts don’t take praise well. They want to blend into the crowd and observe. Don’t take this as a sign of shyness or low self-esteem. Many introverts suffer from neither. They’re just not attention-seekers.

11. They Pretend to Listen to Music Just to Avoid Interacting

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An introvert might put in earbuds and pretend to listen to music just to get out of having a conversation. If you catch on to what’s happening, you might think the introvert is weird. And while going to such lengths seems a bit much, it’s one of those things introverts do.

12. They Choose Jobs and Careers That Limit Social Interactions

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Did you know some introverts choose job and career paths that allow them to limit social interactions? It’s about putting themselves in the best position for success and contentment.

13. They Prefer Solo Activities Over Hanging Out

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You might find it odd that your introverted friend prefers solo activities like reading novels, playing instruments, or watching programs on Amazon Prime and Netflix rather than hanging out with friends. It’s what an introvert needs to enjoy free time on their terms.

14. They Prefer Quiet Settings

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Introverts prefer quiet settings over loud ones any day of the week. So, while you might get a kick out of being in an environment with lots of activity, your introverted friend does not. They’ll always opt for an environment with a low decibel level over one with too much noise pollution.

15. They’re More Likely to Avoid Unpleasant People Than to Work Things Out

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If an introvert gets into a spat with someone they don’t like, the introvert will more likely avoid said person than try to work things out. It’s about protecting themselves and avoiding toxic people. They have no interest in reeling in unpleasant people who swim away. 

16. They’re Sometimes Hard to Read

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Introverts are hard to read. They don’t open up that often — especially around people they don’t trust. And when they do open up, they disclose only what they want to. So, it can be difficult for people to figure them out.

Introverts Can Be a Strange Bunch

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Introverts are a different breed. While many people have this personality, introverts remain mostly misunderstood. It’s an extrovert’s world — introverts just live in it.

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