20 Things People Would Ban Immediately If They Were Given The Opportunity

There are a few things in this world that are universally despised. From the Homeowners Association to having kids in bars, we’ve compiled a list of the worst of the worst that, given the opportunity, we’d ban in a heartbeat. 

Paper Straws

Disposable paper cup with striped paper straws
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We get they’re reducing plastic waste, but it would be easier to ban straws altogether, given how pointless and quickly they disintegrate.

Hold Music

Senior man talking to telephone
Image credit: Ollyy / shutterstock.com

The only situations where hold music appears are ones where you’re already stressed about waiting. Calling the doctor, bank, or insurance, you’re already stressed as it is; you don’t need a distorted instrumental rendition of last decade’s pop anthem played on repeat. Not only that, but regardless of whether you get your appointment it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.  

People Who Take Their Socks Off On Planes

Man Putting Socks in Cold Winter
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Similar to eating pungent-smelling foods in confined spaces, taking your socks off on the plane is just gross, not to mention, it’s extremely inconsiderate. No one wants to see your bare feet, let alone smell them.


Waitress takes the tip
Image Credit: unopark / Shutterstock.com

Tipping has gotten way out of hand. There’s no issue with leaving a tip for good service, but the expectation has turned into a demand whereby not tipping is apparently a serious offense. These days, failing to tip will likely leave you with an uncomfortable confrontation or being chased out of the restaurant. You can’t demand hidden costs. If you want an extra 20%, include it in the price. 

The Word ‘Like’

Woman not interested in talking
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Used colloquially, it’s just outright annoying and belittles whatever point you’re trying to make. When used as an adjective, it’s pretty meaningless and doesn’t have the best connotations. The word as a whole has become redundant. 

Standing Too Close To Someone In Line

Airport queue
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There is nothing worse than someone invading your personal space or the horrible feeling of someone breathing down your neck. It should be illegal not to leave at least one step between you and the next person when you’re on the escalator. 

Unskippable Youtube Ads

Youtube Online native targeting ads marketing strategy
Image Credit: BestForBest / Shutterstock.com

Whoever decided unskippable ads were a good idea deserves a place in hell. They’re unnecessary, disruptive, and unbelievably annoying. Not to mention that most of the ads are completely irrelevant.

Home Owners Association

Homeowners Association HOA is shown using a text
Image Credit: Jack_the_sparow / Shutterstock.com

One of the most unpopular organizations in the US, the Homeowners Association, is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine just from uttering its name. They have an innate sense of superiority, enforcing unnecessarily strict rules and regulations and unreasonably silly prices just because they can.  

Sitting Behind An Annoyingly Tall Person 

Tall man in a movie theater
Image Credit: Ikonoklast Fotografie / Shutterstock.com

Let’s face it: seating should be organized according to height. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying expensive seats for a trip to the theatre, only to have your entire view blocked by the person sitting in front of you. Wearing hats inside should also be banned for the same reason.

Cold Calling

beautiful woman with mobile phone bored from call
Image Credit: Martin Novak / Shutterstock.com

Cold calling is universally despised. It’s a nightmare for both the caller and the recipient, neither of which has any interest or enthusiasm for the conversation or the product. 

Childrens Beauty Pageants

Little girl putting crown on head of small beauty queen winner
Image Credit: Just dance / Shutterstock.com

The concept of beauty pageants is a bit weird, even for adults, but children’s pageants just seem weirdly creepy. Kids aren’t livestock, so why are they paraded around as such? Not to mention, the excessive use of fake tan and makeup gives off a weird vibe.

TV Ads

woman holding remote with tv advertisement on
Image Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock.com

Ads are the bane of everyone’s life. No one wants their favorite TV show or movie interrupted by some stupid advertisement for bleach or life insurance. 

Pocketless Clothing

Cheerful couple wanting to buy fashion items, checking clothes fabric in clothing store. Shopaholic woman shopping for new wardrobe, looking at fashionable merchandise in modern boutique
Image credit: DC Studio / Shutterstock.com

What is it about women’s fashion that seems to love the idea of fake pockets? It’s infuriating, just make real ones! Every item of clothing would be greatly improved with the addition of storage space. 

Slow Walkers

man walking in street holding a cup of coffee and mobile phone
Photo credit: Miljan Zivkovic / Shutterstock.com.

Slow walkers are the worst. What makes them worse is groups of slow walkers who loiter around the exits of buildings. 

Entry-Level Jobs That Require Experience

Young woman working on laptop searching for job
Image Credit: fizkes / Shutterstock.com

This just perpetuates an endless cycle of applications and unpaid internships. Without experience, you can’t get the job, and without the job, you apparently can’t get any experience. It’s the bane of all young people’s lives. Surely, the point of entry-level jobs is that they’re entry-level and don’t require previous experience!

Extremely Bright Headlights

Mechanic with new car headlight in a workshop
Image Credit: Kim Kuperkova / Shutterstock.com

Sure, headlights are a safety requirement, but the brightness level of some of these new cars seems excessive. No one wants to be blinded by the lights when they’re driving down the highway; surely, that is a safety hazard.

Kids In Bars

barman gently pours finished cocktail from glass
Image Credit: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock.com

Nobody wants to see a kid in a bar. They’re loud, obnoxious, and messy, and a bar is not an appropriate place for any kid to be. 

Student Loans

Student debt written on paper
Image Credit: ShutterstockProfessional / Shutterstock.com

These days, getting a degree isn’t even worth it, given the rest of your life is guaranteed to be spent in debt, trying to pay off your loans. Besides, out of everyone, students are the last people to have any money, let alone the foresight to understand the cost of their education. 

Loud Eaters

Man sitting in restaurant and enjoying in delicious burger.
Image Credit: hedgehog94 / Shutterstock.com

Obnoxiously loud eaters are the worst. Chewing with your mouth open is gross. No one wants to hear or see the contents of your meal, especially in a public setting. 

Anti-Aging Products

Close up shot of middle aged beautiful woman
Image Credit: Cast Of Thousands / Shutterstock.com

Nowadays, everything claims to be anti-aging. The problem is that, firstly, they don’t work. All they do is perpetuate the idea that no matter how much you spend, you will never meet the unachievable goal of looking young enough. Secondly, you can’t stop aging whatever you do, so at the end of the day, it’s just one big pointless scam!

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