18 Things That Used to Be Hip But Are Now Totally Outdated

Trends come and go, and sometimes they even come back around, but these 18 things will never be as cool as they once were!


women holds Apple iPhone 6S with facebook application
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Cast your mind back to circa 2008. AOL Chat was out, and Facebook was the (virtual) place to be.

Millennials, Gen-X, and even Boomers were jumping ship from MySpace, sharing little titbits from their days and ‘gifting’ others with virtual items such as beer and cake. Fast-forward 16 years, and the new generation (gen-z) wouldn’t be caught dead on the platform. 

Nowadays, Facebook is being taken over by the likes of TikTok and Insta as the hip platforms to be on (with MySpace being as ancient a relic as the dinosaur).

Crimped Hair

Girl with Crimped Hair
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Crimped hair was considered so cool it surpassed the ’80s and was still hip in the ’90s. Cyndi Lauper, The Bangles, and Bananarama could all be seen rocking those zigzagged tresses. 

Nowadays, if someone whipped out a pair of crimpers, they’d be asked just how they managed to achieve time travel….


MTV on TV screen
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August 1st, 1981, was a good day for music, as this was the dawning of MTV, which gave artists a visual platform to spread their wings and debut their music videos.

Today, with the invention of platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, MTV has become a tad irrelevant. Young people are less inclined to watch TV shows because streaming and YouTube give them quicker access and more control over their content.


classic iPod 80 GB resting on a white background
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While we’re still in the throes of the Apple Era, iPods are as defunct as the beloved Walkman of the 80s and 90s. Why? Tech evolution, of course. 

Why carry around an extra device to listen to your tunes and podcasts when you can have everything you need on your phone?


Generic DVD CD MP3 JPEG player isolated on white
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Another victim of the streaming revolution. The early noughties saw the downward spiral of the Blockbuster video rental chain, and DVDs were soon to follow. Even the much-anticipated Blu-Ray evolution did nothing to prevent this extinction. 

Nowadays, it’s all about Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. On the bright side, streaming channels are more environmentally friendly than the materials needed for DVDs and their cases.

(Paying For) Personalized Ringtones

young caucasian female student, generation z, dressed in a trench coat in the parking lot uses a smartphone
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Millennials, Gen-X’ers, and maybe even the occasional technologically advanced boomer actually used to pay to have their phone make a noise, much to the amusement of Gen-Z’ers.

At some point, these were replaced with silent/buzzing notifications, and the only people who still rely on ringtones are boomers… who have them set to 9000 decibels.

Dirty Sneakers

women wearing Nike sport shoe in very bad condition
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There was a period in recent fashion history where spending $300 on a pair of Nike sneakers to then go out of your way to make them look like they’d survived a mudslide was actually a cool thing to do.

And if this wasn’t bad enough, anyone with glistening white or, you know, clean, sneakers, was considered a dork.

Reality TV

Man and Woman Streaming Reality Show
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Early noughties Western culture could not get enough of reality TV shows; Big Brother, American Idol, and the like were the hip shows everybody watched. 

Gen-Z? Not so much.

Text Speak

woman hands texting phone
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Do u remember wen ppl used 2 tlk lyk dis? 

It was annoying then and it’s downright unacceptable now. With the invention of autofill and the perseverance of patience, texters now generally speak the King’s English. Finally.

Certain Pop Culture References

K-Pop music theme
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Gen X, we’re looking at you and your ‘Exxxxcellent’ references from the Bill & Ted movies. 

While certain pop culture things often earn a legendary cult following and the love of new generations, the references that made their way into everyday conversations have not.

Chewing Gum

Woman putting chewing gum into her mouth
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Name a more pointless invention than gum. We’ll wait. 

It serves no purpose, does it? Want fresh-smelling breath? Swill some mouthwash. Want something to eat? Make a sandwich. For many, many years during the 20th century, gum seemed to only exist as an accessory to make you look cooler.


Linkin Park rock band performs live concert
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Closely followed by the Emo culture of the early-to-mid noughties. Mention bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot to any alternative millennial, and you may just see a nostalgic tear appear in their eye.


Apple iPhone5s held in one hand showing its screen with Pokemon
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Okay, so Pokémon is a strange one, as it keeps coming and going from the periphery of ‘‘cool’’, and it certainly has a cult following in both Eastern and Western cultures. But let’s face it. It had its moment in 1999.

Hustle Culture

man sitting on divan working remotely online
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At some point, some bozo who needs a whoopin’ upside the head decided that it was “cool” to work yourself into an early grave, and, for reasons unknown, many of us bought into it.

Thankfully, this toxic approach to work is beginning to dwindle, with people experiencing more burnout symptoms than ever before, and with many young people favoring ‘slow living’.


Great view on woman with long curly hair in hair salon and professional hairdresser styling her hairstyle with hairspray.
Image Credit: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock.com

No, we’re not talking about the musical.

Anyone who lived through the 80s will hold some responsibility for the damaged ozone layer because hairspray was EVERYWHERE. This decade was all about big hair – the bigger, the better – and something had to hold all that fuzz in place.

Tanning Beds

two sun beds
Image Credit: icemanphotos / shutterstock.com

While many of us love nothing more than a sun-kissed look, anyone with a morsel of sense will achieve this via spray tans or bronzing lotions. 

Rewind 20+ years ago, and the dangers of sunbeds were still relatively unknown. Anyone who uses them nowadays is a little behind on the times and/or has no fear of death….

Reading Actual Books

Pretty african american girl with reading a book sitting on the windowsill.
Image Credit: Andrii Kobryn / Shutterstock.com

Hard copy books still exist and have their devotees (mainly older generations), but many younger folks favor the Kindle and audiobooks downloaded to their phones.


Hitchhiking travel man at the route
Image Credit: Soloviova Liudmyla / shutterstock.com

Anyone who dares to hitchhike nowadays is tempting a run-in with a serial killer, but up until the mid-late 90s when ‘stranger danger’ became more of a thing, hitchhiking was a common way of getting around.

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