17 Things Women Are Just Better At Than Men

Man, it’s great to be a woman. In the age-old battle of the sexes, here are some things that women are just unequivocally better at than men. 

From superior social skills to unmatched pain tolerance, women are pretty tough and deserve some recognition for incredible skills. 


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Empathy isn’t just a behavioral thing. Women are far more compassionate and empathetic based on their neurobiological differences. Studies show that women often exhibit higher levels of oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” linked to forming deeper social connections. Research shows that women tend to surpass men in their ability to empathize with others.


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Studies show that women are often better learners than men. Women excel due to their attentive, flexible, and organized approach. Research from the University of Georgia found that this makes them more likely than their male counterparts to understand and better execute tasks at work.


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It’s not just a myth that women are cleaner than men. A study found that men’s office spaces carry more bacteria than women’s, which are usually cleaner and more organized. Women deem good personal hygiene a health issue and an essential trait for any potential partner.


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Women have a better sense of taste and smell than men. This is apparently because their olfactory bulb has 43% more cells than men, giving them a higher sensory value and highlighting the close link between smell and taste.


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On average, women have a higher IQ than men. Men take up the extremes of the scale,

while women typically maintain a more consistent performance in the middle range. That said, the smartest person in the world is a woman. Marilyn Vos Savant is the Guinness Book of World Records holder with an IQ of 228.

Decisions Makers

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Despite many people seeing women as hysterical and overly emotional, women show more rationality than men when making decisions. Due to lower testosterone, women are often less impulsive, more attentive, and even less likely to be violent.

Staying Healthy

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Men love to complain about various strains of ‘man flu’, and it’s not their fault. Men just have weaker immune systems and are less resilient to illness. Women possess a stronger immune system thanks to higher estrogen, giving them a genetic advantage that helps reduce inflammation during illness. 


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Sorry, finance bros, but it’s been statistically shown that women outperform men when making investments. Research suggests that women’s more conservative approach, in contrast with men’s overconfidence, leads to higher returns over time.

Next time you try mansplaining to your female friends what return on investment means, maybe ask for their advice instead. 

Pain Tolerance

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Men may like to project a sense of toughness, but when it boils down to it, women have a far higher pain threshold than men. This makes sense when you realize that women are created for childbirth and face monthly menstruation pains, making them far more resilient at dealing with pains that are unimaginable to men.


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Women are natural-born caregivers. Unlike men, women seem to be born with an innate sense of empathy and emotional intelligence, which makes them far more attentive and aware of others’ needs.


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Women are better than men at maintaining lasting friendships and close family bonds. This is because women are more engaging and attentive to other people’s needs. They take the time and consciously try to check in on others and understand what they’re going through.


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Girls have been found to learn language faster than boys. Research has shown that estrogen promotes the growth of language areas in the brain, while testosterone appears to have the opposite effect. This gives women a head start in developing better verbal skills in both their native and foreign languages.


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It’s no secret that women are more emotionally attuned to long-term relationships. They tend to exhibit greater maturity earlier on than men and are more inclined to focus on marriage and family. Women are typically more attentive and engaged in their friendships and family dynamics. By taking the time to nurture their relationships, women are better at fostering stronger and deeper bonds.


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Have you ever been caught out by a woman by something you said years ago? That’s because not only are women far more attentive listeners, but they also have far better memory retention than men. Women consistently outperform men in memory tests, with faster recall, access to more emotional language, and superior verbal memory. 


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Unsurprisingly, women are proven to be better at multitasking than men. The University of Glasgow has shown women are better at navigating tasks whilst simultaneously managing various responsibilities.


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Men may be physically stronger, but women have far better endurance. Gone are the days when playing like a girl was a bad thing. 


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Some might argue that women are just better at life than men. Scientific evidence shows that women outlive men by around five to ten years in almost every part of the world. 

Wonderful Women

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Women have some amazing qualities that men aren’t adept at in the same way. That’s not to say that men can also excel at these things, but that women should be recognized for their amazing power and skills, which may often go unnoticed.

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