24 Tools Every Craft Enthusiast Should Own If They Are Serious About Crafts

Taking up a craft is a wonderful way to spend your time, especially if you seek an activity that does not use a screen. There’s a wide range of crafts to choose from, all requiring different skills and techniques. You might find yourself trying out a few different crafts before settling on one that really fills your soul with happiness and a sense of accomplishment. 

If you have your heart set on learning a new craft but just can’t figure out what, you’re going to need to experiment. But where to start?

The beauty of crafting is that there are no rules, and you are free to explore different mediums, colors, tools, and patterns until you find one that’s right for you. This article is here to provide a helping hand. 

Here are 24 tools that every crafter might want in their arsenal when exploring their creative preferences. 

Precision Craft Knife

Aluminim Craft Knife on a white background
Image Credit: Olga Kovalenko / Shutterstock.com

A precision craft knife is a must-have tool for any DIY craft enthusiast. This versatile tool allows for precise cutting and detailing on a variety of materials, from paper to fabric to foam. Make sure to always keep the blade sharp and exercise caution when using this tool to avoid accidents.

It is also helpful to have a complete set of craft knives. With a variety of blade shapes and sizes to choose from, you can tackle a wide range of cutting and trimming tasks with ease. Whether you’re working on paper crafts, vinyl projects, or mixed media art, a craft knife set will provide you with the precision and control you need for professional results.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Man working with piece of leather on a self-healing cutting mat
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com

Protect your work surface and extend the life of your blades with a self-healing cutting mat. This versatile tool provides a durable surface for cutting, trimming, and crafting without damaging your table or desk. The grid lines on the mat also make it easy to measure and cut with precision, making it a must-have for any DIY crafter.

Glue Gun 

woman using hot glue gun while wrapped up in making floral decor
Image Credit: Dragon Images / Shutterstock.com

A glue gun is a versatile tool that every DIY craft enthusiast should own. From bonding materials together to adding embellishments, a glue gun can handle a wide range of crafting tasks. Make sure to use the appropriate temperature setting for the type of materials you are working with to ensure a strong and durable bond.

Assorted Paint Brush Set 

Set of paint brushes in a jar on wooden table
Image Credit: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock.com

Quality paintbrushes are essential for any crafter who loves to paint. From fine detail brushes to large brushes for coverage, having a variety of brush sizes and shapes on hand will allow you to easily tackle any painting project. 

Take care of your brushes by cleaning them thoroughly after each use to ensure they last for many projects to come. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and storage and never let paint dry in your brushes.

Craft Scissors

Arts and craft supplies
Image Credit: luanateutzi / Shutterstock.com

Every crafter needs a good pair of craft scissors in their toolkit. Whether you’re cutting paper, fabric, or other materials, having a sharp pair of scissors will make your crafting projects easier and more precise. Look for scissors with comfortable handles and a sharp blade for the best cutting experience.

In addition to a sharp pair of scissors, you should have a set of high-quality craft scissors for all your cutting needs. From precision cutting to decorative edges, having a variety of scissors in different shapes and sizes is essential for any DIY crafter. Keep your scissors sharp by only using them on the intended materials and storing them in a dry place. Regularly clean and oil your scissors to maintain smooth cutting action.

Embossing Heat Tool

Image Credit: FotoMirta / Shutterstock.com

Take your crafting to the next level with an embossing heat tool. This handy tool is used to melt embossing powder onto paper or other materials, creating a raised, glossy finish. Experiment with different colors and textures of embossing powder to add unique and eye-catching details to your projects.

Bone Folder 

origami fold with a square red paper with bone folder
Image Credit: mokjc / Shutterstock.com

A bone folder is a simple yet essential tool for any crafter who works with paper or cardstock. This versatile tool is used for scoring, folding, and creasing paper to create crisp, professional-looking edges. Invest in a quality bone folder to ensure precise results in all your paper crafting projects.

Needle-nose Pliers 

Round-nose pliers
Image Credit: Vladyslav Starozhylov / Shutterstock.com

Needle-nose pliers are handy tools for any crafter who works with jewelry making, wire wrapping, or other delicate tasks. These long, thin pliers are perfect for gripping, bending, and manipulating small objects with precision. For the best results, look for pliers with a comfortable grip and a smooth, durable finish.

Sewing Kit 

sewing kit
Image Credit: LiliGraphie / Shutterstock.com

Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting out with sewing, a basic sewing kit is a must-have for any DIY craft enthusiast. This kit should include essentials like needles, thread, pins, and a seam ripper to handle a variety of sewing tasks. 

Keep your sewing kit organized and within easy reach so you can tackle any sewing project that comes your way. A well-organized sewing kit will have different sections for each tool and essential so that you can reach what you need with ease. 

Craft Storage Organizer 

Craft sewing knitting art work accessories cabinet or organizer
Image Credit: Kostikova Natalia / Shutterstock.com

Keep your crafting supplies neat and organized with a craft storage organizer. This essential tool will help you keep track of your tools, materials, and projects, making it easier to find what you need when you need it. Look for a storage organizer with compartments, drawers, and other features to suit your specific crafting needs.

Rotary Cutter

cutting fabric pieces by rotary cutter on mat using ruler
Image Credit: MaxCab / Shutterstock.com

Speed up your cutting tasks with a rotary cutter. This handy tool is perfect for cutting fabric, paper, and other materials quickly and precisely. Make sure to use a cutting mat with your rotary cutter to protect your work surface and extend the life of your blade.

Embroidery Hoop

hand embroidery
Image Credit: Anikin Stanislav / Shutterstock.com

If you enjoy embroidery or needlework, an embroidery hoop is a must-have tool. This simple yet effective tool holds your fabric taut while you stitch, ensuring even tension and clean, professional-looking results. Experiment with different sizes of embroidery hoops to find the one that works best for your projects.

Paint Palette 

close up of artist with palette and brush painting still life on paper at studio
Image Credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

A paint palette is an essential tool for any crafter who loves to paint. This flat surface allows you to mix and store your paint colors while you work, making it easier to create custom shades and keep your colors organized. 

Look for a palette with wells or compartments to separate your colors and prevent them from blending together. Always keep your pallet clean when not in use, and never allow paint to dry in it so that you can reuse it again and again. 

Craft Tweezers

Hand using tweezers
Image Credit: symona / Shutterstock.com

Craft tweezers are handy tools that can make intricate crafting tasks much easier. Whether you’re placing small embellishments, picking up tiny pieces of paper, or working with delicate materials, craft tweezers provide precision and control for detailed work. They should have a comfortable grip and fine-point tips, and they are a must-have tool for any DIY crafter.

Corner Rounder Punch

Corner cutter rounder punch
Image Credit: zahidi shafie / Shutterstock.com

A corner rounder punch is a simple yet versatile tool that can add a polished finish to your paper crafts. With this tool, you can easily round the corners of cards, photos, and other paper projects, giving them a professional look. Choose a corner rounder punch with different size options to customize the corner radius to suit your design preferences.

Embellishment Brushes

 brushes for craft and art
Image Credit: Poznyakov/ Shutterstock.com

Embellishment brushes are versatile tools that can be used in a variety of crafting techniques. Whether you’re applying adhesive, blending ink, or adding glitter to your projects, embellishment brushes provide precision and control for detailed work. With a range of brush sizes and shapes to choose from, you can easily customize your crafting tools to suit your needs.

Mini Ink Blending Tool

Colorful Watercolor Background for Various Design
Image Credit: LuibovK / Shutterstock.com

A mini ink blending tool is versatile and can be used for a variety of crafting techniques. Whether you’re blending ink, distressing paper, or adding texture to your projects, it provides precision and control for detailed work. 

Craft Pick

woman weeds freshly cut peace dove stickers in pink colo
Image Credit: R_Boe / Shutterstock.com

A craft pick is a handy tool for many crafting tasks, from weeding vinyl and removing intricate die-cut pieces to piercing paper and fabric. Its sharp point allows you to lift and place small details with precision, making it a must-have for intricate projects. Keep a craft pick on hand for all your detailed crafting needs.

Quilling Tool

Hand made quilling paper spiral element with instrument
Image Credit: Dreams Creator / Shutterstock.com

A quilling tool is essential for creating beautiful and intricate paper-quilled designs. This specialized tool helps you roll, shape, and manipulate paper strips into tight coils and intricate shapes for stunning quilled creations. With different tip options, you can experiment with quilling techniques and designs to add unique textures and patterns to your projects.

Circle Cutter

Multicolor cardboard cut circles on blue
Image Credit: Dario Pena / Shutterstock.com

A circle cutter is a handy tool for cutting perfect circles in various sizes from paper, cardstock, and other materials. This tool allows you to create consistent and precise circles for many different craft projects, including cards, scrapbook layouts, and decorations. With an adjustable cutting diameter, you can easily customize the size of your circles to fit your design needs.

Spray Bottle

Arrangement of color sprayer
Image Credit: luchunyu/ Shutterstock.com

A spray bottle can be used for various crafting techniques, including watercolor effects, distressing, and creating textured backgrounds. Fill the spray bottle with water, ink, paint, or other mediums to add unique and artistic finishes to your projects. Experiment with different spraying techniques to achieve a range of effects and enhance your creativity.

Embellishment Wand

Diamond painting embroidery craft
Image Credit: Daria Nipot / Shutterstock.com

An embellishment wand is a handy tool for easily applying small embellishments, gems, sequins, and beads to your projects. It features a wax tip that picks up and holds embellishments, allowing you to place them precisely on your crafts. 

Acrylic Ruler

sewing foot and acrylic ruler on white background
Image Credit: Maryana Volkova / Shutterstock.com

An acrylic ruler is a versatile tool every DIY craft enthusiast should have in their collection. Use it to measure, draw straight lines, and cut with a craft knife. Look for a ruler with clear markings that won’t fade over time. Store your ruler in a protective sleeve or pouch when not in use to keep it clean and scratch-free.

Assorted Adhesive Tapes

Transparent BOPP packing tape and masking paper tape on an purple background
Image Credit: Grigvovan / Shutterstock.com

Stock up on an assortment of adhesive tapes for all your crafting needs. Double-sided tape, washi tape, and masking tape are essential for securing paper, embellishments, and other materials in your projects. Experiment with different tapes to achieve various effects and techniques. Make sure to store your tapes in a cool, dry place to prevent adhesive residue buildup.

And So Much More!

making pottery
Image Credit: Nenad Aksic / Shutterstock.com

Okay, so maybe all of these aren’t essentials, but they are definitely fun and convenient for crafters to have in their collection. Of course, there are a lot more tools that every crafter should own, from paints to fabrics to paper and everything in between. What crafting tool can you simply not do without?

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