18 Traits That Reveal Someone Might Be a Feminist

A feminist can look just like you or me, regardless of gender, appearance, or interests. While there may not be any physical telltale indications of someone’s beliefs, there are a few giveaways, from being incredibly outspoken to actively supporting and attending protests. 

What Is A Feminist?

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The core belief of feminism advocates for complete social, economic, and political equality for women. Feminism has evolved into a global movement with diverse perspectives and applications that support equal treatment and opportunity for all.

While it’s usually pretty obvious if someone is a feminist, we’ve compiled a concise list of signs to help you decipher who amongst you could be a feminist (and to see if you might be one, too!).

They Believe In Universal Equality

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The basis of feminist belief is that everyone should have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender or other identification. 

They Say They’re A Feminist

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This one is pretty obvious, but if they tell you they’re a feminist, it’s probably because they are. 

They Believe in Women’s Rights

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An obvious giveaway that someone is a feminist is that they believe in and advocate for women’s rights. Whether they attend protests, post online, or advocate for gender equality at home, it’s a clear example of them sharing their beliefs.

They’re Incredibly Outspoken

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Feminists are renowned for being outspoken in support of their beliefs on gender equality and challenging injustices. They are not afraid of confrontation and seize the opportunity to advocate for women’s rights and stand against injustice. 

They’re Not Afraid Of Confrontation

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They’re not afraid of voicing their opinions or challenging injustices. One surefire way to spot a feminist is by challenging their views. Whether you’re at home or a party, they won’t shy away from a confrontation if it means they have the opportunity to set the record straight and voice their beliefs.

Question Traditional Gender Roles

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Feminists believe that traditional gender roles are outdated and unjust. Feminists actively advocate for choice, meaning individuals should have the freedom to choose their path, whether that be becoming a housewife or the next president.

Question The Idea Of Gender

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While sex is your biological determinant, gender is a product of social conditioning. If they believe, as the great feminist theorist Simone De Beauvoir once said, that one is not born a woman (or man) but rather becomes one, then you can pretty much guarantee they’re a feminist.

They Know Their Self Worth

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Feminists know their self-worth. This doesn’t mean they’re overly confident or cocky; they just know that, as women, they are vital to society. They understand the value of women and refuse to be bullied into submission. 

They Want Equal Opportunities For Their Kids

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A telltale sign is that someone wants their kids to have equal opportunities as they grow up, regardless of their gender.

They Teach Boys Respect

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Rather than giving in to the notion that “boys will be boys,” they make a point of teaching boys respect and appreciation for women rather than teaching girls to be fearful and cautious of men. They believe the issue with society is the way we gender our childhood upbringings, and by shifting the narrative to share the responsibility with boys and girls, they can create a fairer, more equal society. 

Promote Female Leadership

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They believe women should have a seat at the table. Feminists strongly feel that you can’t have over half of the global population excluded from the decision-making process. 

They Believe in Representation

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They believe in representation, especially on issues where women and minorities are directly affected by the outcome. For example, they believe that decisions regarding women’s bodies should be made by women, not old men who have never experienced what it means to be a woman. 

They Support LGBTQ+ Rights

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As feminists believe in gender equality and equal rights for all, this extends to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. 

They Support Equal Pay

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Feminists strongly believe men and women should receive fair and equal compensation for the same work and contributions.

The Recognize Intersectionality

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Feminists recognize the different levels of prejudice and discrimination individuals can face. They work to advocate for an increased awareness of how intersectionality can affect people’s lives. For example, a woman of color who is living with a disability would face far more discrimination than a white woman. 

Supports Parental Leave

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Supporting parental leave and rights is a core part of feminism. This includes the rights of both mothers and fathers and includes advocating for equal paternity leave and support, especially for single fathers.

They Want To End The Patriarchy

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If they’re always going on about ending the patriarchy, then it’s safe to say they’re probably feminists. Feminists believe that we all suffer under the patriarchy and strive for a more equal society where power, opportunities, and resources are distributed fairly regardless of gender. 

Believe In Shared Domestic Labour

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Feminists believe that no one person’s time is more valuable than others. This means that domestic labor should be shared, especially in relationships where all parties work. 

A Bad Rep

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Feminism has gotten a bad rep over the years, becoming somewhat of a dirty word. In reality, it’s not such a scary word, and in fact, we should all be feminists. Despite what some people may think, being a feminist doesn’t make you a man-hater. It’s quite the opposite; being a feminist means believing in equality and ending prejudice and injustice for all.

Anyone And Everyone

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Anyone and everyone could and should be a feminist. The real trick to knowing if someone is a feminist is their stance on equality. If you or anyone else believes in the equality of men and women, opposes any form of prejudice, and advocates for a better, fairer world, then whether you like it or not, you are a feminist.

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