Travel Ready! 25 Free Sewing Projects to Make Your Vacation Amazing


Going on a vacation should be all about relaxation and adventure. Here’s a hand-picked collection of 25 free sewing patterns designed to make your travel experience as carefree and fun as possible.

You’ll love these projects, from the quilted carry-on duffle bag that fits perfectly under your seat to a cross-body passport pouch that keeps your documents right where you need them. With these clever and free sewing projects, get ready to sew your way to a stress-free getaway!

Lightweight Infinity Scarf

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Make yourself a lightweight infinity scarf that is perfect for cool evenings, protection from the sun, and chilly airplane cabins.

DIY Kids Travel Games

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Use simple drawstring bags, buttons, and paint to make DIY kids travel games! This tutorial from Alice & Lois uses ready-made drawstring bags, but I have easy drawstring bag tutorials that you can use if you want to hand-make the entire project!

Beach Tote Bag

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Use this free tutorial to sew a nice big beach bag with pockets all over. If your sewing machine can do embroidery, embroider flip flops on the pockets for extra charm.

Ipanema Beach Bag Pattern

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This Gorgeous and Unique Ipanema bag is perfect for a day at the beach or even a night away from home.

Pocket Tissue Pack Cover

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Tissues are always needed when traveling to help with goodbye tears, accidental spills, and keeping your sunglasses spot-free! Here’s an easy sewing tutorial for a cute pocket tissue cover.

Curling or Flat Iron Travel Case

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Sew a cute pouch to hold your curling iron or flat iron while you travel. This clever (and free) sewing pattern includes heat-resistant batting.

Passport Pouch

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Sew together a cute passport pouch with a cross-body strap that’s perfect for travel. There are three interior pockets in 3 sizes – room for just what you need!

Donut-Shaped Travel Pillow

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Use a nice fuzzy fabric for an incredibly comfortable travel pillow that you and your children will love using in the car, on planes, or even relaxing at home!

Pool Chair Cover with Pockets

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Sew a pool chair cover with a pillow and so many features! It will keep your pool chair clean and comfy – and have pockets for all your things. This fun sewing project uses a new beach towel and some fabric to make the perfect pool chaise cover.

Kids Travel Pillow Pattern

Photo credit: Swoodson Says

Sew a cute travel pillow that’s kid-friendly and adult-approved! The handle lets it slide onto a suitcase or be carried over a little shoulder. There’s also a pocket to hold necessities that need to be close at hand.

Luggage Tags

Photo credit: Melissa Mortenson / Polka Dot Chair

Always have a unique luggage tag on your bag. That way, it’s easy to spot on the luggage carousel. These cute DIY luggage tags are sewing-optional.

Beach Towel Backpack

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Wear your beach towel on your back to keep your hands free for other things. The Beach Towel Backpack can also hold other things, so it may be the only bag you need.

Swimsuit Cover-Up

Photo credit: Melissa Mortenson / Polka Dot Chair

Sew a cute and easy swimsuit coverup to wear to the beach. This free pattern is just the thing!

Drawstring Backpack

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A lightweight drawstring backpack is ideal for day trips or helping kids organize their stuff in the car.

Travel Diaper Change and Playtime Mat

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Isn’t that baby the cutest? Germs are just about everywhere when traveling. Make an easy Diaper Changing Mat that can also be used for playtime. There’s hidden storage in this mat to hold diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit. It would make a very thoughtful new-mommy gift.

Sunglasses Case

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

Learn how to sew a sunglasses case with a free sewing pattern. Keep your sunglasses case safe in your bag with this beginner sewing project!

Sunglasses Case – Machine Embroidery

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All that’s required to make this beautiful sunglasses case (or glasses case) is a few supplies and an embroidery machine with a 5×7 or larger hoop! You’ll love the fast and easy (and free) in-the-hoop (ITH) embroidery design that is customizable with fabric, thread, and even different embroidery designs.

New Camp Chair Bag

Photo credit: Blue Susan Makes

Sew new covers for your camp chairs! I can’t stand how those flimsy bags they come with always get lost. Now you can have a prettier and better bag using this free tutorial from Blue Susan Makes!

Fish Shaped Beach Bags

These fish-shaped drawstring bags have mesh fabric at the bottom, so the sand falls out and doesn’t come home with you! The free pattern includes templates and gives tips for sewing with mesh fabric.

Cosmetic Pouch

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Sew up a double-sided pouch to help you organize your cosmetics, sewing and craft items, art supplies, travel necessities, and more!

Easy Travel Toothbrush Roll

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

Learn how to make a DIY toothbrush roll bag for traveling with a hand towel and a ribbon. Organize your hygiene items with this simple sewing project!

Ellie Travel Case

Photo credit: Heidi Staples / Fabric Mutt

A larger cosmetics bag is essential to carry everything you can live without! I love the Ellie Travel Case for that purpose.

Travel Jewelry Case

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Keep your jewelry tangle-free and organized with this free jewelry case pattern that you can sew from 3 pretty fat quarters of fabric.

Gorgeous Garment Bag

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Be ready to travel with a beautiful garment bag made by you! This sewing pattern for a fabric garment bag is easy to sew using techniques that I’ve shared in lots of my free bag patterns. There are lots of clever features that will make this your favorite piece of made-by-me luggage ever.

Carry-On Size Quilted Duffle Bag

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The boxy duffle bag is approximately 19” wide, 8” tall, and 8” deep, not including the handles or straps. It’s perfect for carrying many items and still fitting underneath the seat in front of you on an airplane.

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