DIY Cork Fabric Card Wallet – fast and easy sewing tutorial

Sew an easy card wallet using natural cork fabric. This new textile is durable, beautiful, and easy to sew! This free pattern is a great starter project – or a great way to use up scraps.

Since cork fabric doesn’t require a lining, these cork wallets are sooo fast and easy to sew. Plus you’ll see there are lots of ways that you can customize them to your own style.


– Fabric rectangle 5 1/4” x 5” (back and flap piece) – Fabric rectangle 3” x 5” (front piece) – Fabric strip 1/2” x 2” (adjust the width to fit your d-ring) – 1 d-ring with a 1/2” opening (or other size, adjusting the strip above) – Embroidery or other thread – Snap setter and pieces for 1 snap

Tip: I placed my clips upside down because I was planning to sew with the larger rectangle on top. It doesn’t matter which side you sew on because your bobbin thread should already be matching – I just wanted to pay particular attention as I sewed around the top flap edge.

You do not need any special sewing machine feet or needles to sew with cork fabric. I used a medium 80/12 needle, although I suggest going up to a size 90/14 needle if your sewing machine struggles at all.

Since all of the sewing in this project is decorative topstitching, I used the triple stitch with cream colored embroidery thread on both the top and bottom. If you want to use a heavier topstitching thread, you could try a regular straight stitch instead of the triple stitch.

I used my open-toe sewing machine foot so I could see the stitches better, but a regular sewing machine foot would work just fine.