This long and skinny drawstring bag is the perfect size for your sunglasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup brushes, pencils or anything else alike. Sew yourself one!

This Olson mask pattern is not only simple and easy to sew, but it is also useful, especially during flu seasons. When you get to sew one of this for yourself, you might want to make for your family members too!

Keep your Olson mask in this wash bag for face masks. Once you finished using your mask, put them in this mesh laundry bag and then toss it in the washer.

Organize your stuff with these cute organizing baskets. These cute baskets are so easy, fast, and fun to make! You are definitely going to make lots more!

Sewing for kids is fun and this easy peasy drawstring backpack is a winner for all ages.

This pet collar is also great for other pets like cats, iguanas, llamas, you name it! Your pet will look extra adorable with this on.

Walk with your dog with this stylish and colorful DIY pet leash! Super easy and simple to sew!

When you plan parties, meetings or even social gatherings, make sure not to forget the giveaways. A great giveaway idea is a mug with some packets of hot cocoa.

Making crochet is another exciting hobby! Sew yourself a case for crochet hooks so that you won’t lose your little tools. You can make this handy little fold-over case to fit so many different items.

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