Come find the Perfect 1-Yard Pattern.

One yard of fabric! Everyone is talking about this easy sew-your-stash sewing trend and for good reason. To make room for new fabric!

I have a huge collection of Sewing Patterns and Tutorials that are made with just 1-Yard of fabric or less.  And they range in level from beginner to experienced.

Some easy project to start.

Clothing and accessories are always a good place to start

A simple bag can really boost your confidence in your sewing skills.

Some intermediate projects.

Some projects for your home.

With quick and easy projects like a simple pillowcase, kitchen apron, and pretty tote bags, it’s never been so easy to learn to sew or sew through piles of fabric.

Make sure you swipe up to see ALL 50+ sewing patterns and tutorials that use 1 Yard of fabric.

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