Learn how to sew a pet collar for your dog, cat, llama, or iguana! This fun and easy sewing project uses simple supplies – just fabric, a d-ring, and some velcro.

The pet collar is adjustable because of the velcro, so it’s perfect for a growing puppy or kitty.

Here’s my suggestion: use scrap fabric for the collar, and when it no longer fits – cut off the d-ring and re-use it for a slightly larger one!

You will need: – Rectangle of fabric – 1’’ d-ring – 2’’ of hook and loop tape

Fold the strip of fabric in half lengthwise and press. Fold the long edges to the center, press. Then fold it in half and press one more time.

To sew finished ends, open the folded strip and fold the end back on itself. Stitch across with a 1/4’’ seam allowance.

Fold the strip back as pressed, tucking the raw edges inside. Press.

Tap the link below for the full instructions. Happy sewing!

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