When I designed this Katy doll, I had one of my friend’s daughters in mind. She has beautiful, unruly, curly, dark hair that they try to keep braided almost all the time!

Katy’s body can be sewn with the same color of fabric as the face, arms, and legs (she will be naked) or with a print fabric to coordinate with the skirt

You will need: – Fabric  – Fusible woven interfacing - Black, brown and pink felt - Fusible web - Polyester fiberfil - Elastic band - Bodkin

The face and hair templates are also in the download above. Cut out the template for the long strip of hair and tape it together to make a pattern almost 11 1/2’’ long.

Fuse the traced eyes to the black felt, the mouth to the pink felt, and the hair pieces to the brown felt. Cut each felt before removing the paper backing on the fusible web.

Using thread that matches each felt piece, stitch around the eyes, mouth, and the lower edges of the hair to secure.

Tap the link below for the full instructions. Happy sewing!

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