Let me show you how to add borders to your quilt the correct way! This will help prevent puckers and tucks in the quilting, and help your quilt to lay flat when it is done.

How to measure your quilt top for borders the proper way

First measure the length of your quilt top three times. Use a tape measure to measure in the middle and along each side of the quilt.

When you measure along the sides, don’t place your tape measure at the edges of the quilt because the edges can be distorted. Measure a few inches in.

Write down the three measurements. The average of these three numbers is the correct length of the side borders.

Pinning the Border Strips to the Quilt Top

Fold the border strip in half to find the center and mark it with the pin. Fold the quilt top in half also and mark the center with a pin.

With the fabrics right sides together, pin the border to the quilt top in the center first (matching up the pins). Then pin ends of the border. Cut each distance in half and add a pin in the center until you have pins about every 6-8”.

Attach the Border to the Sides of the Quilt Top

Sew a side border to the quilt top with a 1/4” seam allowance and a medium stitch length. Open the border and press the seams flat. Then sew the remaining border strip to the opposite side.

Measure and sew the top and bottom borders the same way

Measure the width of the quilt 3 times to determine the length of the top and bottom borders.

As before, find the center of the border strip and the center of the quilt top to help pin the border strip to the quilt accurately.

Tap the link below for the full instructions. Happy quilting!

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