This mesh laundry bag will help you keep your lingerie (and other items) separate and wash them safely in your washing machine.

This project is easy to sew and I have lots of tips to ensure that anyone can do it!

What you will need: 

– 1/2 yard of mesh fabric (sold in many places, including Joanns and Amazon – in the store you’ll find it in the section for utility fabrics) – 1/8 yd cotton fabric such as quilting cotton – 1 zipper, 18’’ or longer (regular zippers and handbag zippers will both work great) – 1 piece of 1/8’’ – 1/4’’ wide ribbon, 6’’ long (optional)

Polyester mesh fabric like this is prone to stretching whether you sew with it on the top or the bottom.

There are 6 steps to make the Fabric Panels

Tip: after sewing many of these bags, I have decided that it is easier to sew with the mesh on top.

Zipper Time

Tip: Most zippers have a raised thread running down each zipper tape that can be used as a guide line.

Sew the sides of the bag with a French Seam

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