The magic ingredient that gives this bag it’s beautiful shape is flexible foam stabilizer

If you are really short on time or you would just rather not do the quilting – no problem. It’s totally optional.

This DIY bag really is big enough to hold all your things. Not including the straps, it is approximately 14’’ tall, 19’’ wide, and 4’’ deep.

You will need: – 1 yard of fabric for the bag – 1/2 yard of fabric for the straps – 1/2 yard of foam stabilizer

Cutting 1. From the bag fabric, cut a rectangle 33’’ tall and 42’’ wide. 2. From the foam stabilizer, cut a rectangle 16’’ x 40’’.

From the fusible interfacing, cut enough 6’’ strips to cover two 6’’ x 49’’ straps with slight overlap.

Place the foam stabilizer piece against the wrong side of the bag fabric rectangle with the 40’’ long edge of the foam centered on one of the 42’’ long edges of the fabric and 1/2’’ away from the raw edge.