5 Reasons Why Sewing and Quilting are SOOO much Better than Cooking


Rant coming: Everywhere I go I hear people talk about how much they love to cook or how amazing they are in the kitchen I usually sit by politely saying ‘uh, huh’ and ‘that sounds great,’ all the while thinking that they just don’t get it. Sewing and quilting are wayyyy more fun and seriously better hobbies, people.

Let me name 5 awesome reasons why – and then we will be ready to convert the unsuspecting craft-less to our way of life.

1. Quilts last longer. Seriously. How long does a plate of food last? Even in the fridge? A quilt can be loved and used for over 100 years! Quilts win.

2. You can’t ruin a sewing project by getting distracted and walking away. 

Confession… this is probably why I am a terrible cook. Life has so many distractions: babies, cell phones, emails, teenagers, awesome music,  that darn alarm clock telling me I need to pick up the kids from school, husbands (I only have one but other people’s husbands bother me sometimes too), that ‘washing machine is done’ sound, the dryer buzzer, the hose that the kids forgot to turn off… must I go on? All of these distractions make me burn the grilled cheese sandwiches, forget to check on the cookies, and spill… whatever. Then there is a mess to clean up.

Walk away from your sewing project for a few hours and guess what? It’s still there, no harm done, waiting for your loving hands. Leave a UFO for years and still – you can finish it and it will be awesome!

3. Sewing can’t make you fat. In fact, I find it’s quite the opposite. Walking back and forth between my sewing machine, cutting table, and ironing board can give me quite a few steps in a day. And when I get into a project let me tell you – I will go hours and never even notice that I forgot to eat lunch. How’s that for a diet? But probably that’s also why I need to set my ‘time to pick up the kids’ alarm, lol.

4. You can fix just about any sewing or quilting project just by unpicking. Or sewing a little more fabric on. Yup. Totally. But if you put too much salt in. Or get your ingredients mixed up. Or burn those darn grilled cheese sandwiches – all ruined. Then it’s pizza delivery or cheerios for dinner. Here’s an idea: Let’s just alternate pizza delivery and cheerios for dinner anyway. Problem solved.

5. Foodies are snobs. Am I right? They ask you where you want to eat and you are afraid to say anything because it’s going to be a terrible choice. I definitely can’t say Olive Garden (even though I could eat those breadsticks all day long) because that’s totally cliche. But if I say something else it’s probably wrong too. I don’t go out much, people. My sewing machine is at home!

But people who sew and quilt – Quilties? – they are the sweetest, most giving, sharing, and loveliest people I know. Quiltcon 2017 was the friendliest place on earth (and it probably had the worst food, hah!).

These are just my top 5 reasons why sewing is way better than cooking. I’m stopping now because sewing is also better than writing and I want to get back to it! So which reason is your favorite? Tell me in the comments! Or if you have an even better comment – add it to the list by telling us below. I can’t wait to read what you think.

Happy sewing!


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