17 Assumptions About Sewing Society No Longer Has Time For

Stereotypical assumptions often plague the beautiful sewing craft despite being entirely unwarranted.

SewCanShe endeavors to shed light on these misconceptions and dispel several myths, showcasing the diverse, accessible, and modern essence of sewing. In doing so,

SewCanShe endeavors to shed light on these misconceptions and dispel several myths, showcasing the diverse, accessible, modern essence of sewing and promoting a more accurate understanding of the craft.

Sewing is Only for Women

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Contrary to popular belief, sewing is not a hobby that’s exclusive to women. Men can and do enjoy sewing as a hobby or profession. Assuming that sewing is only for women is the equivalent of saying motorsports only appeals to men.

Sure, certain hobbies may appeal more to one gender over another, but it’s 2024. It’s time to do away with gender stereotypes and let others do whatever makes them happy.

Sewing is Old-Fashioned

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While sewing has a rich history, it is far from old-fashioned. Many people, especially younger generations, are rediscovering the joy of sewing as a creative and practical skill. Ultimately, clothes are needed the world over, and as long as clothes are being worn, there is a market for sewing.

Sewing is Too Difficult

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While certain advanced techniques may seem complex, basic sewing is accessible to beginners. Starting with simple projects can build confidence and skills gradually before moving on to more complex patterns and stitches.

Sewing is Limited to Certain Cultures

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There’s a misconception that sewing is predominantly practiced in specific cultural contexts or regions. However, sewing is a universal craft in cultures worldwide, each with unique techniques, traditions, and styles.

From intricate embroidery in Asia to vibrant quilting in Africa, sewing transcends cultural boundaries and enriches global diversity in craftsmanship.

Sewing is Expensive

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Like many craft hobbies, sewing can be as budget-friendly as you make it.

Basic sewing supplies and second-hand fabrics are often inexpensive. If the aim of learning to sew is to begin making your own clothes, then sewing can even save money in the long run.

Sewing is Only for Fashion

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Sewing isn’t limited to clothing! It extends to home decor such as upholstery, curtains and cushions, accessories, and even practical items like bags and organizers.

Sewing is Boring

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Contrary to popular belief, sewing can be a lot of fun! Sewing is a highly creative hobby and allows the creative amongst us to express our individuality and visions through fabric and patterns.

You Need a Sewing Machine for Everything

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Hand sewing is a skill that’s still widely used. Not every project requires a sewing machine; hand-sewn items can be just as beautiful and functional. In fact, the well-known term haute couture refers to expertly crafted, high-quality garments that are hand-sewn by master artisans.

Sewing is Only for Baby Boomers

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The reality is that sewing transcends age. People of all ages enjoy sewing, and it’s not limited to any particular generation.

You Need Formal Tutoring to Sew

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The beauty of learning to sew is that it can be learned without expensive private lessons. In fact, many excellent sewers are self-taught.

While formal tutoring can be beneficial, there are plenty of resources available for those who prefer to learn independently, such as online tutorials and books, both free and paid.

Sewing is Just for Clothes Repair

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Sewing is practical and useful, particularly if you want to put up hems, repair holes, or take in pants. However, it’s not just for mending clothes. It’s equally about creating new pieces and expressing creativity through fabric and custom designs.

Sewing is Only for Traditionalists

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Some may assume that sewing is only for those who value tradition and nostalgia. However, sewing is a versatile skill that can cater to various tastes and styles, including contemporary and avant-garde fashion. From trendy DIY projects to experimental textile art, sewing offers endless possibilities for creative expression beyond traditional norms.

Sewing is Time-Consuming

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Only if you want it to be! While some projects may take time, not all sewing endeavors are lengthy. Quick and simple projects are great for those with limited time.

No Room for Mistakes in Sewing

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Everyone makes mistakes when learning anything new, not just learning to sew.

Sewing is about enjoying the process and finding ways to improve the craft, not just for the sake of the end result. Imperfections are part of the journey.

Sewing is a “Lost” Skill

Group Of Women Using Electric Sewing Machines In class
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While it may not be as universally taught as before, sewing is far from a lost skill. Many people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities actively learn and practice sewing today.

Sewing Is Just a Hobby

Two people using their transferrable skills learnt from sewing
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Sewing can be a serious profession. Many professionals work in fields like fashion design, costume design, and textile engineering.

Sewing is Only for Patient People

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You don’t need infinite patience to sew. While attention to detail helps, sewing can also be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Ironically, it can also teach patience!

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