These treat bags were made with a Happy Ever After Stacker Pack from Riley Black.

TRACE THE TEMPLATES Cut the ear and bunny face shapes out of the paper along the dotted lines.

Do NOT cut your fabric into these shapes, just  trace the shapes onto the backs of two charm squares as shown.

MAKE THE CASING Take the two charm squares you have chosen for the bag (face) and iron the top edge down 1/4″ and then again 1/2″ to make the ribbon casing. Don’t stitch yet.

On the square that will make the front of the bag, draw a 3/8″ vertical line for a button hole.

Open out the folds you just ironed (important!) and sew a button hole over the line you just drew.

Next, pin the four charm squares right sides together. Pin the one with a button hole to the other one with creases ironed to the top, but open out the creases for this step.

Stitch over all of the lines you traced, starting at the top of the charm squares. See how I opened up the casing for the bag? that’s important.

Now trim away the extra fabric and cut the ears apart, leaving about 1/4″ of seam allowance (it might be less between the bunny ears).

Tap the link below for the full instructions. HAPPY SEWING! 

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