Sew up a fast and easy bag that snaps shut and is perfect for holding just a few essentials. There is a handle on top and a pocket on the back for holding things you don’t want to lose track of.

This bag would also make the perfect last minute baby shower gift because it’s even quicker to sew up than my Big Pocket Baby Clutch that I designed a few years ago.

On the other hand, this sleek & simple pouch with a handle on the back could also be used to carry a journal or other small books, toiletries, or even lunch!

The handle design allows the weight of the items inside to be carried from the back, instead of pulling the flap open when you pick it up.

You will need: – Fabric for the exterior – Fabric for the lining – Scrap of fabric for the handle – 1/4 yd ByAnnie’s Soft & Stable flexible foam stablilizer – 1 set of plastic snaps

Use a bowl or plate with a diameter of about 11’’ to round off the top edges of the 17’’ x 9’’ pieces of fabric and stabilizer (the back/flap pieces – all 3).

Baste the exterior fabric pieces for the back/flap and tote front to the matching pieces of stabilizer, sewing 1/8’’ away from the edge. Or fuse in place if using fusible fleece.

Fold the ends of the 2 1/2’’ x 21’’ strip to the wrong side by 1/2’’ and press.

Tap the link below for the full instructions. Happy sewing!