Sew the scrappiest quilt ever using your smallest scraps and a roll of calculator receipt paper

I purchased some inexpensive adding machine paper on amazon  and then a few days later sat down with my bin of Tula Pink Scraps.

It didn’t take very long until I had yards and yards of calculator receipt paper covered in fabric.

This is a great pattern for using up all your scraps of the same color, scraps from a favorite designer (mine are all from Tula Pink) or even scraps in an entire rainbow of colors.

Come learn how to cut your fabric scraps for sewing them to receipt paper.

Besides Scrap Fabrics You Will Need:

– a roll of calculator or receipt paper (mine is 2 1/4” wide, but you can use any size) – 2 1/2 yards background fabric to make the quilt pictured (suggested: cream or white) – 1/2 yard binding fabric – 3 1/2 yards backing fabric, or enough to piece together a 65” x 65” square – a 65” x 65” piece of quilt batting – a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, and mat – sewing machine – thread (I suggest thread matching the background fabric)


– 17 strips of fabric 2 1/2” x the width of the fabric (40-42”) – 2 border strips 5 1/2” x 50 1/2”* – You will need to piece 5 1/2” wide strips of fabric together to make the borders. – The long side border strips will be cut later. The height of the quilt is sure to vary based on the width of your receipt paper and your seam allowances.

Once all the seams in the scrappy strips have been secure it is safe to remove the paper. It's pretty easy to remove if you tear away the middle pieces first.

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