12 Things to Sew for Your Big Brother (or Little<3)

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Throw a little love your brother’s way! Whether it’s your big brother, little brother, or the brother figure that makes a deep impact in your life. These are projects that remind me of my brother and that I think my brother would really enjoy…but think carefully about how you can customize these projects in particular colors or prints to really reflect your own brother’s unique personality. Think of his favorite team colors, that cartoon character that he’s loved since you guys were little. You could even incorporate a fabric print with his favorite food on it. All these little things say, “I know you. I remember the little things about you that endear you to me, and you will always have a place in my heart.”

My Easy Peasy Drawstring Backpack is prefect to grab and go to the gym. With just the right amount of space for a water bottle, keys, wallet and a granola bar!

Make a custom mask for your brother that only you can design. The inside jokes are really the best, remind him of the good old days with a reference to a memory the two of you share. Custom applique is so easy, check out my Easy DIY Applique post HERE.

Yeah, I know your brother probably makes fun of fanny packs, mine does too. But deep down, I know that’s just peer pressure and if I made one customized especially for him, he would wear it EVERYWHERE! Nobody is too hip for my 2 Zip Hip Bag , make one for your brother today:)

My brother has taught me so much. He has taught me to look for the good in the world and not to be too hard on myself. What is your Brother’s super power…tell me in the comments! Whip up a super power tote for your bro<3

The Lay Flat Storage Bag is essential for travel! Your brother could use it for folded dress shirts, shoes, PJ’s, and so much more. Surprise him with one and get ready for a big thank you!

Everyone knows that big brother’s hog the remote. We don’t even hold it against the anymore:) Help him secure his remote in a place he can easily access…make him a remote control pillow!

Did you play Tetris with your brother…or spend hours watching him play while you were waiting for your turn, LOL! Remind him of his old-time gaming days with this cute Tetris Themed Tablet Case!

Sew up an adorable and useful drawstring laundry bags shaped like fish! Your brother will LOVE it! Perfect for every day laundry duties or a day at the beach…these are so handy!

You know how frustrated you get when you lose track of your favorite earbuds? Well, your brother does too. Help a bro out…sew him up a cool Circle Zip Earbud Pouch in a bright color he can keep track of:)

Ok, guys like wallets. They just do. For your brother…the more Velcro, the better. My Fold and Stitch Wallets are so crazy easy they practically make themselves, click over I’ll show you how:)

Did you notice the peg board? This is an all-time favorite organizing tool for guys in their workshops. If your brother is the fixer upper type, chances are he’s got a peg board in his shop and he would LOVE these incredible Organizing Baskets to keep track of his tools!

Does your brother like to bake? Mine does…lucky me:) He make fantastic treats for our family to enjoy. He would be so excited to receive a mixer cover – Buffalo Bills style of course:) But maybe your brother isn’t a baker that’s ok… you should still consider making this mixer cover for him to gift that special lady in his life. And tell him if she doesn’t already have a mixer…GET HER ONE!

If you’re a quilter…and you have a really extra special love for your brother, maybe you’d like to design a special quilt that reminds you of him<#

This is a Patch Quilt – NOT a patchwork quilt, lol. Earlier this year my sister in law gave me my brother’s patch collection and asked me to make a quilt with it for his birthday. Apparently, he’s been collecting patches from every state he visits (plus Canada) as well as others like ‘Elvis.’

What kind of quilt would you make for your brother…tell me in the comments!


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