15 Ways to DIY Gorgeous Easter Eggs


Easter is almost here. Are your eggs ready? Here are 15 crafty ways to make beautiful Easter eggs. Whether you want to use paper, fabric, real eggs, or chocolate eggs, you’ll find them all in this curated list of the best DIY Easter Egg projects online.

I’m also including tutorials that use string, yarn, rice, silk ties, sugar frosting, and plaster! Are you intrigued? Check them out…

Paper Crafted Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Amy Latta Creations

Let’s start with a super easy DIY Easter egg craft you can do with kids! If you’ve ever tried paper crafting, you probably have stacks of pretty paper that you bought. Put it to good use making 3D paper eggs.

Dye Easter Eggs Using Rice and Food Coloring

Photo credit: Alice & Lois

Here’s the perfect way to color beautiful Easter eggs that you plan to eat after the festivities! Just use uncooked rice and food-safe coloring. This free tutorial shares how.

Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Photo credit: Gluesticks

Learn how to make darling panoramic sugar eggs for Easter with a free tutorial. Did you know that sugar eggs last for years on display?

Easy DIY Personalized Chocolate Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

If you have run out of time or don’t feel up to an intensive DIY project, these decorated chocolate Easter eggs will save the day. And who wouldn’t love a personalized Cadbury egg?

Fabric Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Orange Bettie

These fabric Easter eggs are quick to make, and look so pretty sitting in a basket!  And unlike real dyed eggs, you don’t have to worry about anyone dropping one or making sure you eat them before they start to stink. There’s a free pattern from Orange Bettie.

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Alice & Lois

Swoon! These marbled Easter eggs look like a galaxy! Here’s the secret: you can make them in just about any color. Learn how.

Silk Tie Dye Eggs

Photo credit: OurBestBites.com

Learn how to make eggs that look beautifully painted using old silk ties! This tutorial from Our Best Bites is simply genius.

String Eggs

Photo credit: Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

One of my favorite Easter memories is making sugar string eggs. This updated tutorial uses glue instead of sugar and water, but they are just as beautiful.

Easter Eggs Made Out of Cake

Photo credit: Craft Passion

I would never have believed it, but you can make Easter eggs out of cake! I think this will be a new tradition in my house. They look delicious!

Fake Cake Easter Eggs

Photo credit: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

If you want gorgeous eggs that look too good to eat (and actually are non-edible), here’s the free tutorial for you! If Easter fell on April 1, these would be absolutely perfect.

DIY Chinoiserie Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Alice & Lois

These Chinoiserie style easter eggs look hand painted and delicate but they are actually very easy to make using Mod Podge and paper napkins! Learn how on the Alice & Lois blog.

Japanese Sakura-Style Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Craft Passion

These delicate Japanese-style Easter eggs look difficult to make, but the free tutorial is so straightforward and well-written that anyone can do it!

Pom Pom Easter Eggs

Photo credit: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

These fluffy easter eggs will last all year, even if you drop them on the floor! Learn how to make clever pom pom easter eggs, even striped eggs, polka dot eggs, and eggs with tiny hearts!

Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Photo credit: Alice & Lois

These pretty floral eggs are made from fabric! I love this idea and think it would turn out especially beautiful using my favorite Liberty fabric scraps.

Easter Bath Bombs

Photo credit: Gluesticks

These cute Easter egg bath bombs have a surprise inside! Scented with coconut Epsom salts and made with coconut oil, they make bath water soft and luxurious.

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