Holiday Scarves with Vintage Crochet

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These pretty scarves are so much fun and were super quick to sew up since the lace ends are vintage crocheted doilies that I found at quilt market. You can find them at estate sales and antique shops for cheap, especially considering how lovingly they were made.




The inspiration for these scarves is Valorie Wells’ beautiful Summer Night’s Shawl {instructions in a blog post here}.  Her shawl has knitting on the ends, and I decided to use vintage crocheted doilies instead.


So in order to make my quick (no knitting or crochet required) version, find one or more antique doilies that will work for the ends. For this one, the doily was a rectangle about 14″ x 12″. I cut it in half to make two pieces about 7″ by 12″. The width of your scarf will depend on the width of your lace. Add one inch to the width of your lace to get the width of your fabric strips.


Then I pieced together some long strips for the scarf part. These strips are from fabric in Tula Pink’s Parisville line (I love it!). I cut three 13″ strips the width of the fabric. Then I cut one of the strips in half and sewed one half-strip to each whole strip to make  two long rectangles about 66″ by 13″. Sandwich one lace piece between each end of your fabric rectangles.


Pin, and then stitch all the way around the long rectangle leaving about 5″ open for turning. When you are done, turn and topstitch all around. This will close the opening and you’re done!


If you are like me, you will try it on and wish you could keep it. Then you’ll send it off for a last-minute Christmas gift.


Happy last-minute gift making!




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