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I’m so excited to announce the start of our next sewalong and the theme… crazy quilt blocks! Once again, you’ll be able to stretch your creativity to the limits because we want you to use one or more crazy quilt blocks to make anything you wish… a tote bag, a table runner, a piece of clothing, a pot holder, or maybe even a quilt, lol! And this time, we are going to have a whole bunch of amazing prizes. The sponsors that have donated prizes already include Fat Quarter Shop, Lemon Tree Fabrics, Fabric Tree, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, and Fishsticks Designs.

DSC_0923 (2).JPG

Here’s the crazy quilt block that I whipped up last night as an example. It’s kind of large, but that’s because I haven’t decided what I want to make with it yet. I will probably be cutting it down or into several pieces later.


I used a foundation-piecing technique with quilt batting in the middle and pretty fabric on the back. If I decide to make a tote bag, my lining is already partially made! And I love the crazy geometric design my stitching made.

Heather from The Sewing Loft will be posting some easy instructions using a technique like this. We’ll use her tutorial as our official ‘sewalong instructions.’ But, the awesome thing about crazy quilting is there are no rules!  So if you already have a crazy quilt method that you love, use it! If you’ve seen something else on the web or youtube that is spectacular, show us!

Fullscreen capture 4132013 102109 AM.jpg

Here is an example of a beautiful crazy quilt that I saw at Fall Quilt Market last October. Maybe that’s when I started getting curious about crazy quilting. It is actually one of the oldest forms of sewing that exists. According to the blog Crazy Quilting International, it was the original “collage” art form of our Victorian ancestor needlewomen! They turned their scraps and treasured pieces of fabric, lace, and trim into works of art.

click this image to see more beautiful crazy quilt purses on the Crazy Quilting International blog

click this image to see more beautiful crazy quilt purses on the Crazy Quilting International blog

And if you want to, here’s your chance to use ribbon, embroidery thread, buttons, paint, or whatever you like to embellish your quilted block. Crazy quilting combines a love of fabric with embroidery, quilting, laces, beads, sequins (and other bling).


Here’s a beautiful book cover that was crazy quilted and embellished with embroidery and all kinds of beads.

click to visit Diane's Decorating Diary

click to visit Diane’s Decorating Diary

Now, don’t feel like you have to get fancy if that’s not your style. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to embellish my crazy quilt block above. I already love it so much that I don’t know if I want to change it. I might just bind the edges and done… a mini quilt!

So clear your schedule starting next Saturday because we’re all going to get a little bit  crazy! Or a lot. I can’t wait to see. April 20th will be our official start date and I’ll give you your first ‘Sewalong Assignment.’ It will be easy. Then each Saturday during the sewalong you’ll get another easy assignment. On May 18th, your final project photos will be due for judging and the prizes will be awarded soon thereafter.

Just like our last sewalong, there is a facebook event page so you can join up to show off and see everyone’s along-the-way photos. I absolutely loved the amount of encouragement, advice, and ooohs and ahhhs that went on last time. I’m sure we’ll have even more of that so be sure to join us on facebook {here} to get the whole sewalong experience! 

click here to visit our sewalong facebook event page

click here to visit our sewalong facebook event page


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  1. Would love to particpate for the sew along. Where do we register?"

    1. Hi Virginia! There is no need to register. Just come back every Saturday to see what we’re doing and email me your project photo by May 18th. More information and an ‘assignment’ will be given in every Sewalong blog post. You may join our facebook group too if you wish:

      Can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. I’m just a year and half quilting and the sewalongs teach me so much thanks from Ireland

  3. Hi Caroline. I am hosting a Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too Linky Party on my blog starting May 1. Could I ask you to give it a shout out during your sew-along? I would love to have as many crazy quilters linking up that is possible. Thanks in advance for your help if you will kindly do this for me.

  4. Hi Caroline,
    this is my first sewalong. I’m a bit confused. Can we make what we like for the competition or do we have to make what you make every Saturday? Is it ok for people from the UK to join in? Thank you.

    1. Hi Weenie… hope my email answered your questions. Keep watching our Saturday blog posts for everything you need to know!

  5. marsha kestner says:

    Hi Caroline, Im excited and can’t wait!

  6. Love that idea, i have never done crazy quilting, oooooh all those lovely scraps i have Freecycled i could have used, never mind i am building up a whole new scrap box, can’t do anything this month too busy making for my craft stalls and web shop, but i will save this, i can see christmas stockings/bags/totes coming along. thank you.

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