Oilcloth Table Cover – Quick Tutorial


Right before school ended, I was at my kids’ elementary school volunteering when I noticed the old, coffee-stained tablecloth in the teachers’ breakroom. It was just awful. So I decided to make a new tablecloth for them as an end of the year ‘thank you’ to all the teachers. I used oilcloth (fabric that’s laminated on the printed side) so they will be able to wipe it clean and avoid the coffee and food stains. This is a super easy project that took me less than an hour, even with taking pictures. 🙂


First measure the table you will be covering so you will know how much fabric you will need. Add about 6 inches to each side for overhang. After you cut your fabric, you can use the scraps for {oilcloth pencil cases}.

You’ll also need a couple packages of double fold bias tape. Regular or wide will work fine.

Or make your own bias trim using my awesome video here.


After you have cut your fabric to the right length and width, round the edges using a bowl and rotary cutter. If you don’t have a rotary cutter, you can trace the shape with a pencil and then cut it with scissors.


Add together the lengths and widths of your tablecloth to see how much bias trim you will need (length + length + width + width = how much you’ll need). Stitch 2 (or more) packages together if needed.

Then wrap the bias trim around the edge of the oilcloth and start stitching it on. If your presser foot sticks to the oilcloth, you can put some painter’s tape on the bottom of it. I didn’t need to, probably since most of my presser foot was moving over the bias trim.


Ease around the corners.


And when you get back around to your starting point, cut the extra trim away and fold the raw end under. Seriously easy.


And pretty too. I ran into the school office on the last day of school and in the midst of all their busy-ness, everyone in there stopped what they were doing to oooh and ahhh over their new tablecloth. They were especially in love with the oilcloth that is wipable and won’t stain. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me go set it up for them. All the new security policies and such. But I’m sure I’ll get the chance to peek in and see it when I volunteer in the fall.

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Happy sewing!

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