Pattern Review: The Soda Pop Bag from Sew Sweetness



For the past few months I’ve really been wanting another bag that I can keep all my ‘church stuff’ together. You know, stuff to keep the kids occupied plus all the stuff you’re expected to carry around if you do a job there. I’ve been using a generic freebie bag that I got at a conference somewhere, and I am so pleased to now have a beautiful new bag that I made myself! 

The fabric for this bag came from Modern Yardage. It’s a sweet new company that prints fabrics to order. They have a bunch of new designers working for them so you have lots of fresh modern prints to choose from. You can actually choose the scale (size) of every print so it matches your project exactly.

Something else unique about Modern Yardage is that they print the usual 44” wide designs on 58” wide fabric and put all kinds of interesting stuff on the super wide selvage. Like care instructions, tidbits of information about the collection, and free patterns.  I’m actually working on a free pattern for them that should be released soon. 🙂


Okay back to the bag… just the other day my friend Sarah and I were talking about bag making, the use of stabilizers, and how the stabilizers really make or break the bag. Beautiful bags always have the right kind of stabilizers inside.

With that fresh in my mind, I did not want to skimp on the stabilizers for this bag. Since I was using my ‘good fabric’ on the outside I did not want to ruin it with some substitute stabilizer. I placed an order with By Annie, and waited for my 1/2 yard of her Soft and Stable to come. It is not interfacing, but a thin fabric covered foam that really gives a professional look.



I also got some HeatnBond fusible interfacing – lightweight to go on my lining pieces and mid-weight for the straps. I use HeatnBond a lot because it doesn’t bubble up and cause that weird rippling on the right side of the fabric.



And of course Sara’s Soda Pop Bag pattern is amazing. Her instructions are professionally written and she has a photo showing you how to do every step. The bag includes pockets and is a nice generous size to hold all my ‘church stuff.’


Check out the grommets that she shows you how to put on the bag. Then you can have another cute print peek through to the outside! 


and here’s my Cadie… wearing two dresses (that I made her) at once, lol! I’m so glad she is learning to to layer already.


Happy sewing! 


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