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Okay, I have a funny story to tell you before you add your latest project to our Show Off Saturday Linky Party… remember last Saturday I showed you the little backpack that I made for my nephew? Well, we were on our way to visit my brother and his family (including that nephew) who live 5 hours away and while my husband drove, I browsed craigslist on my phone for anything sewing related. This is a usual thing for me, although I seldom actually buy things.


To my delight, this is what popped up… an entire sewing room! So neat and tidy, such wonderful organization, everything I wanted all at once, plus more fabric! I must have the most supportive husband in the world, because he agreed to change our route home a few days later and let me take a look. 

Fullscreen capture 8162013 105301 PM.jpg

So late that night I was wondering if I was crazy to consider this… getting a u-haul to take some one else’s sewing stash home… and I posted to facebook to see what all of you thought.  I found such overwhelming support of my fabric addiction.  Most of you, it turns out, would do it ‘in a heartbeat’!

And guess who also replied??? The girl who was selling the sewing room!  I was so busted!



So here it is in my home…  All the furniture, fabric, and notions with my stash mixed in too. I know I should have moved that ironing board out of the way. I was just in the middle of something and didn’t want to. 🙂 It took me two entire days to put it back together and sort through everything, making it all fit.


I owe a big, big thank you to Jennie for letting me be the one to buy this from her, and to my husband who so cheerfully drove it home for me.



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  1. Wow…I’m a little bit jealous of your find! Now you have some serious stash busting to do! And your sewing space is beautiful!

  2. Love the room; looks so clean and ready to get creative in. Wanted to share, but can’t get the linky button to upload image to work.

  3. Chrissie Dodsley says:

    Just fabulous Caroline, lucky, lucky you! What I’d give to have that sort of work space 🙂

  4. Caroline, hands down, the best ‘sewing room story’ every. I am putting together a new room and would LOVE to know where that giant table came from!!!

    1. Hi Leslie! How are you??? Yes I agree that the cutting table is ingenious. It is made up of two of these laid on their sides:

      And then the husband bought two interior doors and attached them together with brackets. They painted them white and placed the whole surface over the bookshelves. It’s the perfect height plus lots more storage underneath!

      Will we see you at quilt market this year?

  5. I have seen a lot of sewing spaces lately in blogland, but yours is the first one I’ve said – I want that one!! Browsing craiglist that day was serendipity for both of you. I’m sure Jennie is thrilled that someone will love and appreciate her sewing room now, and you have a wonderful room. Congratulations!

  6. Wow!!! I’m impressed! I can’t wait to have a (new) big sewing room, mine is very cramped in our temporary living quarters.

  7. Amy Frisinger Mayen says:

    Your sewing room is to die for!! Thanks for sharing it..,& thanks for hosting!

  8. Heather Valentine says:

    Caroline, This is FANTASTIC!! This story (& hubby) is totally a keeper. That is one crazy score in my book from Craigslist!. Thank you so much for sharing your space with us.

  9. Jennifer Mathis says:

    Caroline, thanks for linking up with us for the Studio Spotlight tour. I am amazed that someone was selling all of their sewing stuff (especially such a nice haul) and it’s fab that you got to snag it all! 🙂

  10. Your new room is fabulous – what a really great purchase. I notice you have some of your fabric wrapped around card and stored upright? I have had no luck in finding thick card boards to enable me to do this. Can you tell me what it is called exactly (it might help my search). I live in the UK, so it might be known under a different name, but it’s a start.

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