A modern quilt block inspired by an Amish Quilt: The Pop Rox Quilt Block! (free pattern)



Sew a beautiful and graphic quilt block that’s inspired by a classic amish quilt. You will love how fast and easy this quilt block is to sew, and my delightful quilt that I made from it!

When I was at Quilt Market last Fall, I made friends with Carol Van Zant, a graphic design artist who designs for Andover Fabrics and blogs at The Plaid Portico. She sent me some of her newest fabric, Pop Rox.

Pop Rox is simply delicious! I love the bright blue and pink herringbone prints and the matching low-volume prints are perfect for modern projects. Carol also sent me some coordinating ‘textured solids’ (also from Andover Fabrics). Can you see the texture there? It’s awesome. 

My ‘Pop Rox Block’ was inspired by this mini quilt I saw in Lynn Koolish’s Amish Quilts published by C&T. I’m going to make it someday. But today…


This tutorial will make one 12 1/2” square block, that when finished will measure 12”. All seam allowances are a scant  1/4”.

You will need:

  • four 2 5/8” by 10 1/2” strips

  • eight 4” squares


Sub-cut each of the 4” squares in half diagonally.


Sew the strips together in pairs. Press the seams toward the darker print.

Stack your paired strips on top of one another right sides together, matching the center seam.

With the strips stacked, sub-cut them into 4 smaller sets that are 2 5/8” wide.


Here are my four small stacks of two. Oops. I noticed later that the second one was cut too narrow. I had to replace it later. 🙂 

Moving on…


Sew each little stack of two together along one side to make a 4-patch. You can see me strip piecing here which saves a lot of time. Press the seam to the side.

Fold a solid triangle in half and make a crease. Place the triangle on your 4-patch, using the crease to center it along one side. Stitch.

Repeat on the opposite side of the 4-patch and then press these seams toward the center of the block.

Now repeat for your other three 4-patches.

**note: I am using my walking foot now to keep the bias-cut triangles from stretching out of shape.


Trim off the little triangles that stick out from the sides of the blocks. This will reduce bulk.


Sew solid triangles to the remaining sides of each 4-patch. Press these seams toward the outside of the block.


Trim these mini-blocks to 6 1/2”. Since you used a scant 1/4” seam allowance, you will be able to eliminate any unevenness at this step.

Arrange your blocks as pictured and sew in pairs and then together. Square up and trim your block to 12 1/2” if necessary. Done!



Then sew your blocks together however you like! See my finished Pop Rox Quilt here!

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