Lorna’s Free Watermelon Table Runner Pattern!


Hello all you quilty and crafty people!
Sew pleased to be Caroline’s guest today at SewCanShe!

I consider Caroline to be my number one source for all things sewn.
She’s friendly, fun and such a wonderful fountain of inspiration!

My name is Lorna, a modern quilter, designer and author of the Sew Fresh Quilts blog.
Today, I will be sharing the Sweet Watermelon Table Runner tutorial.

These sweet slices can be pieced and quilted up in 10 Simple Steps.
Ready to dress up your table with this summer inspired, bright and fun runner?!!
Let’s get started!!!

  • Finished runner is approximately 60″ x 12″
  • Fabric requirements are based on a 42” Width of Fabric and are for the bare minimum needed to complete this project and do not account for miscuts.  These measurements are for the exact amount needed with absolutely no overage.
  • All seams are sewn with right sides facing, using a ¼” seam.
  • Press all seams open unless stated otherwise.
  • Press all seams as you go.

Runner Fabric Requirements

Red/pink Watermelon – 1/8 yard
Red/pink on white (small scale flower print) OR White plain – 1/8 yard
Green (rind fabric) – 1/8 yard
Background fabric (ants print) – 3/4 yard
Yellow (binding) – 1/4 yard
Backing to cover 65” x 18”
Quilt batting measuring 65” x 18”

Table Runner Cutting Instructions

Red/pink Watermelon fabric:
   Cut (1) 4.5” WOF (Width of Fabric) strip
   Subcut into (12) Equilateral Triangles (should get 12/strip) * See tutorial notes below *

Red/pink on white (small scale flower print) OR White plain fabric:
   Cut (3) 1.5” WOF strips

Green (rind) fabric:
   Cut (3) 1.5” WOF strips

Background fabric (ants print)
   Cut (3) 6.5” WOF strips
    Subcut into (22) Equilateral Triangles (should get 8/strip) * See tutorial notes below *
   Cut (4) 1.5” WOF strips for the borders
    AND Subcut (1) of the 1.5” strips into (4) pieces (approximately 10.5” long)
    AND Subcut (1) of the 1.5” strips into (2) pieces (approximately 21” long)

Yellow (Binding) fabric:
Cut (4) 2.25” WOF strips

For a great tutorial on Cutting Equilateral Triangles go to https://sewfreshquilts.blogspot.ca/2014/01/equilateral-triangle-quilt-tutorial.html

For a great tutorial on Piecing Equilateral Triangles go to https://sewfreshquilts.blogspot.ca/2014/01/equilateral-triangle-quilt-tutorial_28.html

Table Runner Assembly Instructions

Step 1
Sew the Green Rind and Red/pink on white (small scale flower print) OR White plain together along the length and press open.

Step 2
Cut the Green & Red/pink on white (small scale flower print) OR White plain strip units into 4 pieces each (approximately 10” lengths).

Step 3
Sew these 10” lengths onto the bottoms of your Red/pink Watermelon triangles.  And trim your triangles.

Step 4

Set aside (4) of the watermelon pieces.   Arrange your remaining triangles, as shown.  And sew the triangles into two rows.

Step 5

Sew the (2) 21” strips of border fabric to the (2) full WOF border strips, end to end.

Step 6

When sewing on the borders, make sure to leave at least a 1” overhang on the ends.  Sew the 10.5” border pieces on the ends of
the (4) watermelon triangles that were set aside in Step 4.  Press seams open and trim as you did in Step 3.  Sew the long borders on the sides of the rows.  Press seams toward outside border on the long row pieces and trim as you did in Step 3.

Step 7

Sew the triangles onto the ends of the rows.

Step 8

Sew the two rows together to complete the top.

Step 9

Sandwich the Backing, Batting and Top.   Baste.  And quilt.

Step 10
Apply the binding. Enjoy!

Thank you to Caroline – and to the readers of SewCanShe –  for allowing me to share with you!
Comments and questions are encouraged.

Let’s hear what you think of today’s tutorial!

This guest post was written by Lorna McMahon.  On her website, you can learn from her creative process as she shares her love of modern quilting and immensely helpful content.

Lorna says, “It’s sew nice to meet you!”
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  1. Thank you so much Lorna! These are all so cute. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow.

  2. charlotte m. says:

    Love it Lorna! I like all three items, but I think the hexagon mat is my favorite. Great job on the tutorial. Looks refreshing and summery too.

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh these are really fun, thanks Lorna for the pattern! And Caroline thanks for a great blog!

  4. Lori Michel says:

    Thank you Lorna for a great tutorial. And Caroline as always you did a great job in picking out a great blogger for us to read about and learn from…..

  5. Sharon Linger says:

    Wonder where one could purchase the material with the ants? Love this.

  6. Georgi Sears says:

    Oh, My Gosh, Lorna ~ these are just totally cute!! I’m grabbing the pattern ~ thanks so much!!

  7. Really lovely mats, Lorna, and thanks for making the tutorial easy for a beginner. ants, though, never seen so many!! very good!
    Thank you Caroline for all the help you offer!

  8. Pamela Casey says:

    Love the Watermelon placemats, table runner and table topper!! Subscribed!

  9. Have subscribed and downloaded the pattern. It is so cute Thanks

  10. Can you tell us where you found the ant fabric please? That just makes this sooo much cuter. Thank you for sharing your great talent with us.

  11. Wow,three super sweet patterns! Yes please 🙂 I love them all. Thank you for the tutorial and the patterns as well!

  12. Ann Thompson says:

    Was this a limited time offer for all three pdf patterns on the Sweet Watermelon Table Decor? I have been all over her website looking for the pdf patterns, by following the above given link and searching the website and cannot find that bundle. I can find the patterns individually on Craftsy but not in a bundle and not free.

    1. Hi Ann, yes unfortunately those patterns were only free for a limited time. Lorna is now selling the bundle in her Craftsy shop. Thanks for asking!


  13. This is so cute and bright. The fabric choices are perfect for the pattern, especially the ants! Love this 🙂

  14. I made this as my first real quilting project (I had made some small things with a few pieces before). It came out very nice and really wasn’t very difficult. Unlike most of the other commentators, I am not enamored of ants and didn’t like the idea of them crawling around on my table, so I used a white-on-white print for the background. It’s a lot of white, and much less busy looking, but still a very pretty look. The quilting shows up beautifully. I used a batik very similar, if not exactly the same as, the pink she used for the watermelon. It was significantly thinner than the other fabrics, which were quality quilting cottons. My advice is to starch the heck out of those little pink triangles; starch the fabric before cutting. The white triangles, made of a heavier cotton, were fine and kept their shape, but that pink batik got pretty wonky. I used a pretty green lattice print for the backing, so it’s reversible. It’s very summery and bright on my table. No pictures allowed in these comments or I’d post one.

  15. I also machine embroidered some seeds on the pink triangles in dark brown, and a few cream colored ones here and there. If you’re so inclined to spend the time, they look really good.

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