Easy Quilt Block Tutorial: the Rail Fence Block


Are you ready for an easy quilt block? The Rail Fence may be the easiest quilt block ever, but it’s not boring! Put a bunch together and there are so many fun variations.

In case you are catching this blog series for the first time, we’re making gorgeous quilt blocks using the classic patterns and easy photo tutorials. See lots more on my Easy Quilt Block Pinterest Board.

Just so you won’t think this block is boring, I played around with a bunch of blocks on my design wall and took pictures of a few different quilt variations. There are so many different ways to put them together. And mine are scrappy – I stitched strips together randomly and didn’t plan for my blocks to be the same or have any sort of pattern.

If you want your blocks to be all the same or if you have a pattern in mind, there are so many other quilts you could make.

This easy tutorial includes cutting instructions for a 10” block (what I made) and a 12” block.

Cutting instructions for a 10” block:

  • With at least 3 different fabrics – cut 3 7/8” strips

Cutting instructions for a 12” block:

  • With at least 3 different fabrics – cut 4 1/2” strips

I was using fat quarters, so my strips are only 22” long. If you have yardage, you can use longer strips and make more blocks at once.

Sew your strips together.

Press the seams open or to the side according to preference, and then cut into your desired size blocks. 

  • For 10” blocks (finished), cut 10 1/2” squares

  • For 12” blocks (finished), cut 12 1/2” squares

I know, that’s just too easy. But this simple block looks so fabulous in the modern Blend fabrics that I couldn’t help cutting up all my fat quarters to see how many blocks I could make and how they might go together.

And this is the first real quilt I quilted on my new (to me) Grace Frame.

Happy Sewing!


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