How to Sew Wrist Strap Keychains (free sewing tutorial)



After an unexpectedly stressful week, I needed some ‘fun’ sewing time yesterday. I needed to create… to pull fabrics and find ones that looked together; to follow a pattern (okay, it was my own Wrist Strap Keychain Sewing Tutorial, but I followed it anyway), and to feel the gratification of finishing a project and calling it ‘good.’

Making these little trinkets was just what I needed. I only intended to sew 3, but I kept finding fabrics that would be perfect, so I cut enough for 7. I had to leave to go pick up my kids from school before they were all sewn, so my 10 year old daughter helped me finish sewing them. I loved working with her at one sewing machine and me at the other.

I think these will end up as Christmas gifts for teachers, friends, and others. It’s always nice to have a basket of handmade goodies ready for gift giving around the holidays.

Here’s a tip in case you try my Key Fob Wristlet sewing tutorial… Yesterday I used my newer Juki TL-2010Q and for some reason the fabric tried to pull unevenly as I topstitched the straps. I popped on the walking foot and the problem went away. Love that walking foot for sewing lots of layers! This strap design does have a lot of layers, but it isn’t too much if you use a heavy duty needle (90/14 or 100/16). The finished strap has a nice sturdy feel to it

So, what have you been sewing up this week? Did you make something with one of my free sewing tutorials or patterns? I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.

Happy Sewing!

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