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Guess what??? Boys can sew too! You just need to find the right way to help them love it.

 My little guy is really an engineer at heart, so when he saw me sewing half square triangles and flying geese using the stitch-then-cut method for our Sailboat Block Tutorial, he was fascinated. He had a whole new appreciation for quilt making once he realized that it requires BRAINS, lol.

Plus he loves sailboats too, so that helped.

After I taught him what to do, he went crazy piecing sailboat blocks and making flying geese units. For several nights in a row, he took over my sewing room while I was making dinner. Soon we had all these pieces! (don’t misunderstand – about 1/2 of them were made by me. 🙂

Then I got busy with other projects so these blocks sat, and sat, and sat. Until Carl’s favorite teacher was having a baby. We decided that instead of one big sailboat quilt, we would make two: one to keep and one to give away.

So this is our Sailboat Quilt #1. The adorable red, white and blue fabrics are True Blue by Ana Davis.  I quilted it with a shell pattern and used the red and white print for the binding. We both love this little quilt so much, that if we didn’t have another one in the works (in a different layout – I can’t wait to share it!), we would probably have a hard time giving it away.

By the way, I have more fun flying geese sewing ideas here:

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  1. Bonjour Quilts says:

    This is great! Can I ask how old your son is? Mine is 10 and I’m thinking it might be time for him to start sewing (he’s keen to learn, more because he likes the idea of driving the machine, rather than making something).

  2. That came out great! I love it when kids show an interest in sewing.

  3. Yes! Great to teach that guys sew too, just show him some Jamie Wallen videos, or Ricky Tims. We have a guy in our local quilt club too. Cute quilt and a cute little guy to go with it!! Great picture.

  4. Your boy is so talented! Love the final quilt 🙂 Beautiful work!

  5. carolyn montgomery says:

    i love this quilt! you must be so proud of your son. will you be doing a tutorial on the layout of his quilt, i hope so.

  6. Jackie Berdych says:

    What fun! And so proud!

  7. jkbangor84 says:

    Hoorah for BOYS! This quilt was positively designed by a Mathematical Engineering mind. Congratulations on a job well done! So proud of you! Grandma Julia

  8. Love that quilt! And better yet that "someone" inspired a youngster in such a mathematically creative way!

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