Terrible Tuesday: the sunflower dress {sewing disaster}

I was looking at old photos this week and look what I found… eek! That’s me at 17 (graduation photo) in a dress that I made myself. Was it obvious or what? I don’t think many other gals my age were walking around covered in sunflowers in 1993. What made me pick that fabric? It’s really cute and all, but to wear? 

{Note: I don’t mean to put myself down. I know that’s unhealthy. But I do think it’s healthy and fun to look back and laugh at silly things we did in the past. And to be happy with how far our skills have come!}

I obviously hadn’t mastered the skill of matching the right fabric to a pattern. I don’t claim to always get it right now, but I do think I have gotten better. I remember (yes, I can remember 20+ years back) that I found that sunflower fabric in the quilting section because there were other coordinating prints nearby. And now I have learned that most women’s apparel patterns aren’t especially suited to quilting fabric because it just doesn’t drape right. {Thank goodness most of my favorite quilt fabric companies are now printing on beautiful lawn, voile, and knit fabrics  too!}

Just one more so we can all cringe together… the bangs! the perm! the wrinkle free chubby cheeks! Which are worse, my chubby cheeks back then or my crows feet around the eyes now?

But I do have to point out one thing that hasn’t changed: I love to wear my own ‘makes’! I remember planning that sunflower outfit carefully, deliberately choosing to wear something that I made.

And it’s still true this year… in our last family photo I deliberately picked out a dress sewn by me:

I love this dress that I sewed from soft knit fabric. But alas, it had it’s own construction mishaps that I might have to share in another ‘Terrible Tuesday’ post.

So let’s have an unannounced linky party… do you have a ‘terrible’ sewing picture to share? Whether by fabric choice, trying something beyond our current skill set, or simply equipment failure (blame it on the sewing machine), I’m sure we’ve all experienced more sewing disasters than we will admit. 

So dig out those pictures and share!


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