Terrible Tuesday: Amy Shares 5 Sewing ‘Fails’

Hello! I’m Amy from SewsNBows. I’m a blog as a hobby; and sew for my daughter, niece, nephews, and lately; me. I have an extensive epic fail resume, so I’m kinda perfect for this series.

I have a theory about sewing fails. We love reading them the same way we do tabloids. (I can’t be the only one who reads the gossip mags in line at the grocery store, right?) It’s a relief to know that everyone has imperfections, not just me.

No matter your sewing level, you’re bound to have trouble from time to time. Unlike the mean world of tabloids and paparazzi, sewists tend to be a really supportive group. So it’s safe to share! I relate with bloggers who show off their less than perfect projects. So here are some of my epic sewing fails.

Epic Sewing Fails at SewCanShe

Let me show my most recent disasters- my recent Hudson pants, cut off grain. Not totally epic, but I’m easing you in with a pretty common mistake. I still wear them because apparently, my leg is off grain too. That is, you can’t tell when I wear them.

Epic Sewing Fails at SewCanShe

This is a high-low top modeled by my niece. She’s wearing it backwards because I forgot to raise the neckline to account for raw edges without seams. It should fit her great next year, but I’m mourning the loss of that French Terry in the meantime.

Epic Sewing Fails at SewCanShe

If that’s not bad enough, I thought Sofia was half her size one day and made this teeny little dress. It’s so short and tight that I can’t show it from any other angle without being inappropriate. That was some really nice jersey; another tragic casualty of sewing.

Epic Sewing Fails at SoCanShe

My favorite jeans are pretty shredded, but I love the fit. I patched them with a piece of white lace tablecloth and smugly thought they were pretty awesome. But my leg broke the lace. I added white mystery stash underneath and they are totally wearable again, minus the leg fat trying to escape. So glad I could save the jeans!

SEWSNBOWS Epic Sewing Fails @ SewCanShe

This is a “rug” I was working on this year. I thought it would be a great way to use up fabric scraps, until I knocked my timing belt out of place. I was pretty sure that was a coincidence, so I had my machine repaired and then knocked my timing belt out again. Who even does that? I joked on my blog that I like to make the same mistake twice, just to be sure. This project has been demoted from rug to giant coaster.

SewsNBow Epic Sewing Fails at SewCanShe

The icing on the cake is that my epic failures spill into crafts as well. And it’s hereditary! My 10 year old daughter decided to paint her bed mustard. (Here’s the photo on Instagram if you wanna see that hot mess.) Anyhow, she got paint on this brand new t-shirt. (And her sheets, and floor.) The only thing I could think of to do was cut out the stain, and sew something else back in. She wears it, but I cringe everytime. Sigh.

Want more of my epic fails? I had an entire month of them one Christmas season, and write about it here. I get cold sweats to this day when I see any holiday themed fabric.

Feel free to SewsNBows or any of my social media below and say hi. I love meeting new sewing friends, and sharing our successes and fails. Especially the fails!!

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