My Home Office to Sewing Studio Remodel is Finished!

My sewing room makeover is done! Well, done enough to show you, at least. I still have to organize the closets and fix up the bathroom a bit, but that will happen eventually.

I have written blog posts about certain things in the room, and I’ll share links to them in case you want more details. 🙂


As many of you already know, we moved into this house about 4 months ago. This is what the upstairs of the house looked like when we first saw it. I immediately knew it would make a perfect sewing studio.


Probably the second day after we moved in, I tested paint colors, lol! That yellow was so awful. I wrote a post about painting my sewing studio walls here. 

We pulled up the carpet in the first week too. Since it looked so nice, we had some carpet guys re-install it in our other house before we sold it. It looked almost new and saved us tons of money.

Light blue-gray paint really brightened things up. Once the floor arrived, it had to acclimate in the room for 10 days. Those 10 days seemed to last forever!

The finished floor was more beautiful than I had imagined. And I couldn’t wait to move my sewing machines up here.

But everything was a big mess for a while.

sewing desk (1).jpeg

I needed sewing room furniture to put things on! Searching Pinterest gave me the inspiration for this desk. That’s when I started this Pinterest board with Sewing Room Makeover ideas.

All of this came from Ikea. Read more about my 36 1/2 foot sewing desk ever here.

Then came unpacking and fabric folding, folding, …

And more folding. I paid my kids to do some of it for me, lol.

So here’s my finished studio, mostly organized. Mostly organized is about as good as it gets. Who wants to clean up all the time?

And I even have a place to sleep if I’m too tired to go downstairs at night! Okay, not really. This futon is for guests to sleep on. Any takers? 

You can also see the hanging rack that I use for finished and unfinished quilts and other projects.

And finally, here’s to KEEPING IT REAL! This is all the stuff I pushed around the room so I could take pictures for you. It ended up in my ‘sleeping corner’ when I was done.  Now I have to put it all away before my sister comes to visit for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for following along with my sewing room makeover these past few months. Any questions? Leave them below. I’ll try to answer them all and if I need to write more about any part of the room I will!


Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! All of the opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. 🙂

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  1. beautiful – so light and airy – when can i come to sew there??

  2. Nancy H. Ryan says:

    It’s amazing!!! I love that long sewing table under the windows! What did you do with all the wood tone bookshelves that had been there?!?!

  3. What an amazing room. Mine sits over a 2 car garage, and I thought it was huge! But this – it’s unbelievable….maybe a 4-car garage!

  4. Ms Sam Nicholson says:

    Wow!!! I would love a room half that size!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL place to work. I love the Windows, what a bright and airy place!!! I’m so jealous!! I still work at my dining room table!!

  5. Such a beautiful work space! You are going to have a great time there

  6. Any takers? Yes, me! Your new studio looks amazing. Happy to fold fabric to pay for my keep hehe

  7. Omg! I love what you did. I have a loft so similar to this sharing bookshelves, computer desk, and then all my sewing things all in one room. I will show my husband this post to, perhaps, give him an idea of what I would like to do for a sewing room. Right now, there is no organization with my sewing room and a lot of my sewing is done on my dining table because my dining room table is very long. Awesome room! Great inspiration! Thank you!

  8. Cindy Dodémont-Bago (lcbago) says:

    Oh my goodness, I envy your sewing room, I love it! It is the whole size of our apartment! 🙂

  9. This is the most beautiful sewing space I have ever seen! It would be my dream spot & I would lose all track of time if I ever started sewing in there. Great job!

  10. Linda Southworth says:

    What a huge room with wonderful light! I like where you positioned the sewing machine. Just beware the neighbors will flock in with clothing repairs and projects seeing you having such productive fun at your machine. It truly is beautiful and love the floors. I can see a lot of work went into setting this up. I hope you can enjoy for a very long time. How exciting!

  11. Love, love!! Where did you find the dark chairs sitting at the long desk? I love the backs, and I think they look classy with the clean lines of the Ikea furniture.

  12. You are one lcky lady to have such a large, bright, beautiful sewing room. You did a fantastic job! Wish I had half that space. But, I wonder why the chair(s) aren’t on rollers for easy movement?

    1. Hi Pauline,
      I have thought about that, but right now I am feeling overprotective of the new bamboo floor. Maybe when it isn’t so new I’ll take the risk of a rolling chair that could scratch it up. 🙁

      1. Kathy gospodarek says:

        We purchased roller blade wheels. Work great on our new hickory floors

  13. Aida Rizzo says:

    Ok, here are some words to describe your sewing room………beautiful, awesome, amazing, outstanding, stunning, mind flowing with idea’s once you get started. Please enjoying your
    time in there and let the creative juices flow. ENJOY IT!

    Aida Rizzo

  14. Oh, to have all that room for a sewing room! We extended my sewing room just enough so that I could move all my stash boxes into it. It is a glorified closet, and we even had room to put in a tiny second bathroom. I was able to move my refinished chifferobe with cedar panels to where I could get to it. I have more space now to s p r e a d out… Love it!!!!!

  15. Looks great! Love the keeping it real part. It is hard to use the room and keep it all picked up.

  16. Ann Hoyle says:

    It looks beautiful!!!!! I love how big it is. Could you tell me about the 3 basket piece next to your cutting table? Is that from Ikea too and if so, what is it called??
    Congratulations on a stunning quilt studio!! Ann

  17. I was happy with my sewing room until I saw yours. I love all the space to move around freely. One question, how do you sew when there is not a way for the fabric to drape down after it goes through the machine? Hoping the secret to this will help me to make extra slace in my sewing room.

    1. Oh no… I want you to be happy with your sewing room too! 🙂

      But to answer your question, I have always placed my machines on a table or desk against the wall because I don’t like quilts or other large projects to drape down. I’d rather have something there to stop them. That’s just personal preference, of course, and I do sometimes move my sewing machine to a large table if I need to. Thanks for asking!

  18. What a great space and beautiful sewing room. Love that you paid the kids to help!!! And how thrifty, using the carpet from that room on your other house! Fantastic job. You are really a role model for us all!

  19. Michelle H says:

    Stunning!!! I have a sewing room of my own after MANY years of not having a dedicated space–and I love it!! I feel quite spoiled and have been able to put my own touches on it–which is so fun. But, yours is huge and gorgeous!! I love your ideas and that LOOOONNNNG sewing table is just amazing!! I will never have such a huge space (and I am okay with that!) but I think I may use some of your awesome ideas when it comes time to switch it up a bit in my sewing room. Enjoy that space!! (I love your "keeping it real" photo, too….hahaha–thank you!!)

  20. A beautiful space for creating! Can you tell us what the flooring is? Thanks.

  21. Wow! It’s fabulous! The original picture made me wonder if you moved into a library. I was wondering how you mark the fabric that’s folded, so you know how much you have? I pin on sticky labels, with safety pins, but it’s not working very well.

    1. Right now I am folding my fabric 3 different ways: one way for a yard or more, one way for 1/2 yard pieces, and the last way for fat quarters and similar… but that doesn’t always help very much either. Problem is, I’d rather have them stored by color and type than quantity, lol!

  22. I’m in the midst of trying to organize my fabric. I have some stuff in color-ways. How did you organize your fabric? According to colour? Or something else?

    1. My husband made me one from an old door with a shelving unit and legs underneath from ikea
      I have 2 of the largest cutting mats I could get on top

  23. I have a dream…honest…I have dreamed about a sewing studio with my machines set up along this amazingly long desk with large windows to look out of. 🙂 Your studio looks so much like my dream that it’s rather eerie. Thanks for sharing. Totally amazing.

  24. Rita Long says:

    This is a place I might never be seen again. You are so fortunate to have this fantastic setup. Good for you.

  25. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Your sewing room is fabulous, well done on your organisational skills. I especially liked your hanging rack with unfinished projects. What a great idea. Firstly, I have to make some pretty bags to put things in. Then I have to make space to put a hanging rack into my sewing room and then finally, I will be able to pick up all my unfinished projects off the floor, into the bags and get organised! Thanks for the inspiration, enjoy your sewing room!

  26. Oh my!!! It is a dream come true! Totally, completely gorgeous!! Good for you! I sew down in the basement, but it is like a dream to me, after 28 years of living in a tiny cramped house where I had no place to sew. Thank you so much for sharing. So beautiful!!

  27. De Campbell says:

    Your sewing room is ideal! Without a doubt, I know you’ll enjoy many, many hours of creating and sewing in your space. Best to you!!

  28. Oh WOW! How lucky are you. A wonderful sewing space! I have saved it on Pintrest to remind me!

  29. Could you tell us what units and names of the Ikea pieces you used. I’m going to be moving soon and think that much of you room would work for me in my new space.

  30. Love this!!!! My sewing room is definitely my ‘happy place’. I can only imagine how happy you are =)

  31. Love it! I have some of the Ikea drawers like yours. I’m interested in the above the table shelving. They kinda look top heavy … are they attached or just sitting there on the table top? How were they secured .. if they were?

    1. The table top is actually very light. It is two interior doors that have been attached with brackets and painted white. It is not attached, but I placed pieces of non-slip pad at the corners so it will not move around – and it doesn’t!

  32. Hello, I have a question about your table that you made with the 2 kallax and the 2 doors. What kind of door was used? Cheap hollow kind or hard wood. In the photo, where the 2 doors are attached, were they glued first before putting brackets, we are trying to identify that white stuff? Has it remained flat for you? Has it billowed in the middle,over time? We are wondering if the doors are sturdy and supportive when you press down to cut the fabric. Thx for responding. We are considering making this.


    1. They are the cheap hollow doors. I’ve been using this setup for about 5 years now with no problems. I would never sit on it, of course. But it holds up great to heavy crafting use. 🙂

  33. Connie Teasley says:

    Wow! Your sewing room looks great! A place for everything and everything in its place. To have all that room would be wonderful! I know you’re enjoying this room!

  34. Enjoy your beautiful room-it is amazing and glorious and LARGE.

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