DIY Sewing and Cutting Table – with storage cubbies underneath!

Build a DIY sewing and cutting table yourself with easy to find parts. Ever since I posted the reveal of my new sewing studio, people have been commenting and emailing me asking about my sewing and cutting table with cubbies underneath.

I didn’t design this table (it was already built when I bought it), but I sure love it! And the previous owner told me how she built it, so I’m happy to share. 🙂

As you may have noticed, the bottom part is made of 2 IKEA Kallax units. I love the cubbies because I can stack fabric in there, or use baskets to hold notions, batting, yarn, or other messy items.

We left enough room in between the Kallax cubbies to hold stacked plastic bins.

There is also enough vertical space there for this little dresser and some bolts of interfacing (I love interfacing). I also love how the table top is big enough for 2 large cutting mats – just on one side!

How to Build a DIY Sewing and Cutting Table

The table top was constructed from 2 inexpensive interior doors, painted white and secured together with brackets.

The Kallax units are about 30 1/2” tall x 58” long (when laid like this), and the doors are about 1 1/4” thick, so this table is about 32” tall – a perfect working height for me (I’m 5’4”). The top of the table measures 80” x 56”.

If you don’t live near an Ikea, you could build a similar cutting table with this 8 Cube Organizer Shelf from Target. The dimensions are very close.

To keep the table from sliding around on top of the shelving units, I cut four pieces of non-slip shelf liner (about 8” x 10” each) and placed them under the table near the corners. Believe me, it doesn’t move at all.

 Good luck building your own sewing and cutting table! I’m going to pin this to my Sewing Studio Makeover Pinterest board. It’s filled with sewing studio inspiration from all over the web – so check it out!

Happy sewing,

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