My 36 1/2 foot Sewing Desk is done!

My husband snapped this picture laaaate one night when we finally finished connecting and installing my 36 1/2 foot long sewing desk. Isn’t it beautiful? I feel so lucky. I now have room to set up all of my machines (sewing machines, sergers, & coverstitch), plus my laptop. And there is even room for a kid to sit and do homework, yay!

You may remember from my post a week ago, that I found the butcher block countertops on clearance at Ikea. The lower pieces in this picture are also from Ikea in the Klimpen desk system. The bookshelves, drawers, and legs are all 27 1/2” tall – perfect for customizing a desk of any length.

In some places, the countertops needed to be connected in front of a window. That’s where we used the brackets that came with the legs (Adils). I used 9 legs total, for connecting and supporting the desk in front of the windows and for supporting the ends next to the walls.

When the countertops needed to be connected above a little bookshelf or drawer unit, we used small brackets from the hardware store. Driving screws into hard countertop was difficult, but possible with a cordless drill.

I’m about 1/2 way unpacked and I LOVE how this desk system looks. I bought 3 Tomnas cubby storage shelves to go on top of the desk.  The cubbies are the same size as my old Kallax cubbies, so my baskets fit in these too.

In my mind, I wanted the lower combination of 2 Alex drawer units and one Klimpen bookshelf to combine with the Tomnas on top and look kind of like a hutch. It looks better than I imagined and I’m so happy!

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the 5 or so inches between the countertop and the cubby shelf above it, but surprise! It turns out that I can use it to store flat items like mats, rulers, and pattern pieces. Love that!

Thank you for reading and following my Sewing Studio Makeover. You can find all of my makeover posts plus my inspiration pins on this Pinterest Board. As soon as I’m unpacked and organized (don’t hold your breath, lol) I’ll give you a studio tour!


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  1. So jealous. I thought by 6ft long, waist high craft table was nice.

  2. Wow, oh my GOSH, that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on having a ton of space and being organized, too. Great job!

  3. Christine Danneels says:

    love, love, loooooooove your sewing desk ! Enjoy !!

  4. Aida Rizzo says:

    Amazing work done by you and a loveable hubby. Thankful IKEA had stuff on sale and you were able to snatch it up. Large trucks are also helpful. Like the space under the shelves. Also check at Office Depot or Staples for white trays like for filing to put under it the shelves.
    Next picture when it all set up with the machines etc. A picture of you in different spots in the room and bingo you have your Christmas card picture done.

    Take care and enjoy "Carolina’s Sanctuary". (Get a sign made for the door).

  5. WOW! When I get my sewing room complete, I will be lucky to have a stretch of counter about 1/3 that length! Your space is looking amazing!

  6. Love what you’ve done! Organization makes for an efficient and more creative workspace. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  7. Annie Dee says:

    My first thought when I read the post and looked at the photos: WOW. Then I read the previous comments. Those thoughts: WOW. So I gotta add my comment: WOW. Great job. Happy creating! Keep us posted on what’s next and how it works. BTW did I say? WOW

  8. It’s absolutely wonderful! Such great use of space for storage too with the shelving and the drawers. I envision a large counter-top height cutting/working table nearby and I can’t wait to see the completed project when you get everything just the way you want it. Enjoy!

  9. Seeds to Sew says:

    Thank you for sharing with us ideas and how to save on furniture. Ikea is my #1 place. You are blessed to have such a large room. I live in a small house (size of your sewing room). I am going to convert my living room/dining room as my sewing room. The 2nd is going to be my living room/dining room.

  10. Martha Cuthill says:

    I used the same Ikea Klimpen desk system for my sewing room too about 6 months ago. Unfortunately my room is only 11 feet long but it does maximize space and the drawers are the right size for storing just about anything. My units are supporting my cutting surface which is made out of plywood and covered with padding and then cotton. I put my large cutting mat on top if that for a great cutting surface. To get it to the proper height I just used some wood the right size as blocks which gives me a cubbyhole to store bolts of interfacing and my rulers. I used the Ikea Alex desk for my small sewing machine and serger. It matches the Klippen system perfectly. I also made a computer desk from Klippen on another wall, using the Klippen desk top. Not as nice looking as your beautiful butcher block but very functional. I use 2 Billy bookcases with doors for my fabric storage. My 9 x 11 room holds a lot of stuff and is very efficient. Good thing I don’t want to swing my cat in it though.

  11. Supercalifragelisticexpealidocious!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful room. So inspiring! Congratulations, you deserve it.

  12. What a dream to be able to have ALL your machines on a desk at once! I juggle mine . I love the cubes for fabric!

  13. Kathy Reilly says:

    Your desk and studio look awesome! I’m so envious! Your hubby is a good sport. Say hi for me!

  14. Sally Rozier says:

    Even if I had 36 1/2 feet of table top, I would gradually end up with 2 feet of working space and 34 1/2 feet of piled up bits!! But your room does look fab!!

  15. It looks fabulous! What is the depth of it? Do you have a separate cutting area?

  16. Debbie Banks says:

    Caroline, it looks fabulous and thank you for sharing all of your ideas! I keep checking everyday for updates on your studio… (wink, wink). My sewing room has been a work in progress for some time now, mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t afford the pieces I wanted. I have now decided to purchase the units from Ikea as you did!! They are so much more affordable! I have already ordered my counter top piece which should arrive in 2 weeks (got it at Home Depot) – its not as long as yours (lol) but it is 10′ long! I am still super excited!! I am in the process of now ordering the Alex and Klimpen unit pieces from Ikea. Hubby has agreed to put them together before the counter top arrives. I can’t ever remember getting so excited about something..Thanks again for sharing your studio!

    Debbie Banks

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