How to Hang a Quilt on Your Wall – 2 different ways


Hang your favorite quilts to show them off and have beautiful walls! A quilt is my favorite way to decorate a room. Whether is draped on a quilt ladder, or hung on the wall, it always gets noticed. Learn 2 different ways to hang a quilt on your wall in this quick post.

In case you were wondering, I never wrote a pattern for this quilt, but I did share how to make a HST heart like this in my free HST Heart Mini Quilt Pattern.

Another reason why I love decorating with quilts is because I have so many. After we moved in here, I remodeled and designed my dream sewing studio first. Then I used the quilts that I’ve made to decorate the rest of the house.


This method is the easiest for changing the quilt every season or more often. Once your brackets are installed, it’s quick and easy to put up and take down the quilt.

I found my wooden curtain brackets at the thrift store. Here are some similar brackets you can find on Amazon.

You will need to sew a quilt sleeve on the back of your quilt. If you enter your quilts into quilt shows, you may already do this. I use this tutorial to sew and attach a quilt sleeve.

Determine the ideal location for your brackets depending on the dimensions of the quilts you want to display and the size of your wall.

Measure and mark the wall to ensure the brackets are installed at the same height.

Slip a dowel through the quilt sleeve and in just a few minutes, your quilt will be up! I took these photos immediately after, so the wrinkles hadn’t come out yet. But they were gone a day later.



The other way that I hang my quilts is using a long wooden quilt bar. It’s basically two boards that clamp together to hold the quilt and then the bar hangs from screws attached to the wall.

This quilt bar really makes my quilts look amazing. The downsides are that it cost more, it required 4 screws in our wall, and it’s kind of a pain to get the quilt in the clamps straight.

On the other hand, I don’t have to sew a quilt sleeve on the back and that saves time.

A lot of people love the classic quilt ladder too. It doesn’t display the quilt quite as well, but it can hold lots! I ordered this one and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m sure you’ll see it in my quilt pictures soon.

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