Show Off Saturday… I almost missed a great fabric deal!

You know that feeling when you see fabric at the thrift store or a yard sale or somewhere and you don’t need it, but it’s so pretty and a really good deal??? I saw these two beautiful rolls of Michael Miller twill (60” wide!!!) at my favorite thrift store a couple months ago for $20 each. The fabric was clean and soft and even smelled new. But I was shopping with a non-sewing friend at the time and I was embarrassed to buy it since she knows I already have a room full of fabric and I couldn’t think of an immediate project that needed 30 yards of designer star fabric. So I passed on it. But as soon as I left the store I had non-buyers remorse. It was Michael Miller fabric for Pete’s sake! So as soon as I parted ways with that friend (literally, not figuratively – we’re still friends, lol) I turned my car around and went back for the fabric. 

I was just in time too… there was another lady who I saw looking at it, but she walked away and gave me the chance to grab those two rolls and run for the cash register. Wheee!!!!!

Do you shop for fabrics at the thrift store too? Read my tips for finding and using thrifted fabrics here.

And I’m sorry to tell all of you Northerners that we are giving up our hopes of winter weather this year in Florida. It’s been 80 degrees all week. So I chopped 1 1/2 yards off of the roll of turquoise stars, pre-washed it, and sewed my Cadie some short-alls.

The pattern comes from the latest issue of Ottobre Design magazine (issue 01/2017). This magazine also includes the cap sleeve tee shirt pattern that I sewed using striped fabric and ribbed knit trim from my stash. She looks so adorable and I LOVE the fact that her outfit is 100% made in the USA by Me! In case you are wondering, I shared my technique for easy ribbed binding in this post.

So, what have you been sewing up this week? Did you make something with one of my free sewing tutorials or patterns? I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.


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