Pattern Review: the Zip It Up Case from ByAnnie


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It’s crunch time for Christmas! You probably read earlier this week about the Say Cheese camera quilt that I’m giving my youngest daughter Cadie (along with a digital camera). Well, I have another tech + handmade gift combo for my older daughter too! It can be hard to sew for a tween, but I am not worried. She is getting a new Kindle (because she’s a total bookworm) and to go with it I sewed her a Zip It Up Case


There is a padded pocket on the outside of the case that easily holds a small tablet.


The case opens up to two more pockets (one mesh and one vinyl) that are both big enough for the tablet, or she could fill them with school supplies, makeup, or other treasures. 🙂


Since it truly is Christmas sewing crunch time, I couldn’t take the chance of ‘winging’ it or trying to figure out a pattern as I went. Lucky for me, this is one of the patterns that I bought at 2017 Fall Quilt Market – Zip It UP! from ByAnnie.


Every detail on this case is finished and professional, from the zippers to the binding to the handle!


Although not absolutely necessary, I was glad that I picked up a few more things from Annie’s Quilt Market Booth – like 4 yards of zipper (with plenty of matching pulls) and the handy stiletto tool. I went years thinking that the stiletto tool was for fussy sewers (not to be confused with fussy sewers – the stinky kind – lol!). But now that I’ve finally tried it, I’m hooked! It makes sewing bindings and zippers much easier, plus I use it all the time when doing machine embroidery appliqué – much better than getting my finger sewn to the piece! You can find all these things on Amazon for easy shopping. 🙂


I would say that the difficulty level of the Zip It Up case is intermediate. There are 3 different zipper construction techniques (all super-clearly explained), plus Annie’s unique and excellent binding method. 

All of Annie Unrien’s Patterns are genius, in my opinion. My friend Heather and I made her Ultimate Travel Bag this summer and it’s the best!

Fortunately for me, I learned all of the same techniques and tricks in the Ultimate Travel Bag Craftsy Class, so the Zip It Up Pouch was easy.



Now the only problem I have is going to be jealousy. I know a bunch more people who are going to wish they also got a Zip It Up case for Christmas. Lucky Chloe because it goes to her!

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