How to use an overcast sewing machine foot – practical demonstration on a fold up basket!


A gal can never have too many baskets or two many sewing machine feet, can she? I finished the raw edges this fold up basket as an excuse to use my overcast sewing machine foot and show you how! Learn how to finish your seams as well as all kinds of raw edges using the overcast foot that your sewing machine hopefully came with.

This week I had the chance to play with the overcast feature on my new Janome 14000 (there are 5 different overcasting stitches!) and sew up 3 new FQ Fold Up baskets using some gorgeous Bwindi Forest fabric from Blend.

In my Fat Quarter Sized Fold Up Basket tutorial I show you 3 different ways to finish the edges on your baskets… and here’s one more way. I used the double overcast stitch U15 on my sewing machine. It’s very likely that your machine has a similar stitch and even came with the foot that you need.

For my machine, this is foot ‘M’ that is specifically for use with the overcasting stitches because it has a fabric guide and 2 ‘stitch fingers’ that keep the thread from wrapping the edge too tightly.

I even made a short (less than a minute) video to show you how the overcast foot works. The video should play automatically in the video player in this blog post. If it doesn’t, you can watch it on my YouTube channel.

Read more about my Janome 14000.

One of my favorite things about these baskets is that they open up completely flat when I’m not using them. But that’s like never because I need a basket for everything! 🙂

So, what have you been sewing up this week? Did you make something with one of my free sewing tutorials or patterns? I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.


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