Teacher Superhero Machine Embroidery (free design)

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Last year my eldest had a hard time in 7th grade. I think he was in denial. I think he just wanted to pretend that 6 out of his 7 classes didn’t exist – including the homework. There was one teacher in particular that he really struggled against. I could see her point of view AND I could see his, and it was so hard to be the go-between! In the end, he did not get a good grade in that class and we all decided to just let it go and hope for better things in the 8th grade. Then when 8th grade registration came around, to tell you the truth, I was apprehensive about seeing this particular teacher. I felt lucky that she was busy and I was busy (standing in other lines) and we never crossed paths.

A few days into the 8th grade, I asked my boy, ‘Did you see Mrs. So-and-so?’

To my surprise, he responded, ‘Yeah, she always smiles and says ‘hi’ when I walk by. She still tries to talk to me.’

Wow! This teacher is my superhero right now. Sure, my son did not get along with her. He didn’t want to put up with her activities and homework and all the reminders that went along with them. Including the way she called me all the time to follow up! But she did not write my boy off after he was no longer in her class. She is still friendly to him and obviously wants him to do his best. I could not ask for more.

So one of my new Teacher Superhero tote bags will be for her. As you know, I made a bunch of them in the spring for my elementary-aged kids’ teachers (my 7th grader insisted that teacher gifts are not a thing in middle school – little punk!). Here I am, finally getting the design ready to share here on my blog.

UPDATE: Get the free teacher tote bag pattern here!

I’m offering the machine embroidery design free too, but you’ll need to have a sewing machine capable using the files. Get the Free Teacher Hero Machine Embroidery Designs in my shop.

You will need to add this FREE product to your cart and checkout in order to download the zipped folder. No credit card number is necessary, but I did need to add the files as a product in order to provide a way for you to get them. I have included all of the sewing machine formats that you requested in 4”, 5”, and 9” square sizes. Let me know if your machine’s format isn’t there so I can add it! 🙂

This is one of those lovely one-thread-color designs that you can pretty much turn on and let it run.

Here are some tips for stitching it:

  • The stitches in this design are pretty dense. I had great success with machine embroidery thread (polyester, rayon, and even metallic), but not with cotton quilting thread. Avoid cotton thread, if possible.

  • I used medium weight cotton canvas (comparable to duckcloth) and a medium weight tear-away stabilizer sheet. Since my stabilizer sheet was too small to be hooped, I used temporary machine embroidery adhesive spray to attach it to the bottom before embroidering.


When I put the metallic machine embroidery thread in:

  • I made sure I was using a topstitching needle because they have a larger eye. I have heard that special metallic thread embroidery needles work well too.

  • I lowered the tension a bit.

  • And I lowered the speed setting for machine embroidery to the slowest.

Metallic embroidery thread can be brittle and twisty. These special settings made sure it stitched out perfectly. 🙂

If you want to get started on some Teacher Superhero Tote Bags, go ahead and embroider the Teacher Superhero design (as large as you can) on the center of an 18” square of medium weight cotton canvas or duck cloth. This bag is not lined, so quilting cotton will not be thick enough.

See you next week for the tote tutorial!



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