Why Sewing Works when I’m Feeling Uninspired


Okay, we all know I love making quilts.

I love the fabric, I love my sewing machine, I love the thread, I even love the batting, lol!

My love overflows into sewing other things with those same materials, like tote bags, zipper pouches, and baskets.

Today I realized another reason why I love sewing, and it’s because it still makes me happy even when I’m feeling not-so-inspired!

I even love making tiny quilts like these itty-bitty-magnet-quilts.

I even love making tiny quilts like these itty-bitty-magnet-quilts.

But first let’s back up…

I have been feeling pretty uninspired since we came back from a family vacation about a week ago.

I had a ton of housework to catch up on, my kids had hours of homework and they needed encouragement (more like a kick in the butt!), and I just felt totally fat and out of shape (because I ate and slept too much on vacation and I needed a kick in the butt, lol).

So I threw myself into getting the house looking normal again, helping the kids get back on track, and starting a new exercise program.

But I still didn’t feel inspired to sew.

However, when I finally hiked up the stairs to my studio, it hit me:


It doesn’t matter whether I feel struck with creativity or not.

There are so many things that I can do… that I really want to do… and I will enjoy doing them!


Like putting the binding on this quilt (my Candy Cane Therapy Quilt) so I can finally take pictures and share the pattern with you!

Or sewing up more Cute Corners Cosmetics Cases and taking pictures along the way – the dimensions and process are already documented in my notebook, so no creativity required, lol.

When it comes to sewing and quiltmaking, we all have a pile of works-in-progress (you are an alien from another planet if you don’t) and that pile is the perfect place to turn when we don’t feel all that ‘inspired.’

So I am hereby announcing that unfinished projects are good! Because they give me something to work on on my off-days.


Because, really, ‘feeling creative’ is only required when starting a project: choosing the pattern, the fabrics, the techniques.

Then I can enjoy the work as I go, and sometimes I don’t even have to think very much.

Well, I must make an exception to that statement: A lot of creativity can be required to fix mistakes! But that can be enjoyable too if I let it be.


So even if you feel uninspired today, don’t let that keep you from doing what you love. Open up that basket of WIP’s, UFO’s or whatever they are lovingly called at your house, and feel better by getting started again.

I did!

And if you feel inspired by the pictures I posted above and want to start sewing something new, here are the links:

What do you do to get back into the groove when you don’t feel overly creative? Share in the comments, please! ❤️



p.s. I started a sewing support circle. It might be right for you.

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