Dear Miss Betsy – A Patriotic Quilt for Lovers

miss betsy patriotic quilt pattern.jpg

Dear Miss Betsy…

I’ve heard legends of you, seamstress, beautifier, and flag maker.

But did you make quilts?

I think so. Your life was not as you dreamed it would be. Sickness and war took husbands and children from you. You were never idle, always creating.

And you sewed. Did you sew for solace and strength as I do?

You would have wrapped your loved ones in quilts in life and as they slipped away from you.

That’s what I would do.


Red stands for courage, strength, and power. It is also for love.

White symbolizes goodness, light, and faith. 


Blue is the color of trust. The hue of the sea and the sky.

These are the colors of your life and the life I aspire for, Miss Betsy.

Okay, okay, enough romanticizing! The Miss Betsy Quilt pattern is here!!!

And… it is a strip quilt so no cutting squares, I promise!

You’ll cut strips, sew them together, cut the strips into columns, and before you know it have a treasure to snuggle under while you watch the 4th of July fireworks.


When sewn with 2 1/2” strips (jelly roll strips), the Miss Betsy Quilt is a generous 60”x76” throw quilt. I’ve included instructions for queen and king sizes too.

But I love baby quilts and had to include one in the pattern.

So I designed the smaller ‘Baby Betsy’ quilt that is sewn with 3” strips and finishes at 46” square. Perfect for a little one.

The Baby Betsy quilt design is included in the Miss Betsy Quilt Pattern.

And it’s now available in my Etsy shop! Get the Miss Betsy Quilt Pattern here.

Let me know what you think… I can’t wait to see the quilts you make with this pattern. So be sure to tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.

Happy quiltmaking!

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