3 Sewing Mistakes I’ve Made (and how I avoid them)


A long time ago I didn’t love sewing so much (gasp!).

But now I do. I. Do. Love. Sewing. So Much!

So what happened?


I think the mistakes that I was making were killing the joy.

And I don’t want that to happen to you.


I want everyone to love sewing!

So let’s talk about those mistakes that I was making and see if any of them sound familiar…


1. I would rush my way through a project.

I think I was looking forward so much to the finished product that I didn’t slow down to enjoy the process.

And that made my work sloppy.

So I was seldom proud of my finished work too.

How awful is that?

So I learned to slow down.

Now I turn off my phone, turn on my favorite music, and have a sewing hour (or two or three)!


2. Sewing things that I didn’t want to sew.

My sewing time is limited – so it’s precious to me.

Everyone’s different, but I don’t want to spend my time sewing someone else’s work aprons, gun sleeves, or dresses that they don’t want to pay $40 for.




I’d rather be sewing quilts, tote bags, and sometimes unique things to wear – unique being the point!

I give away almost everything I sew, and this is why – sewing for money makes me feel under-appreciated and takes away the joy.

I’m not saying that’s the case for everyone. But if sewing for money takes the joy away for you – what will you do about that?


3. Using the wrong fabric for the pattern.

This piece of advice is more technical than the first two, but if I’m honest, it’s the problem behind so many of my sewing fails.

I would fall in love with a beautiful print or a beautiful color of fabric and I’d use it no matter what the pattern called for. Oops! That doesn’t always work.


There’s a very good reason that patterns have ‘suggested fabrics.’ Pattern makers want you to be successful – so you’ll love the project and buy another pattern! They include the important ‘suggested fabrics’ section to give you the best chance for success.

So stick to one of those suggested fabric types, at least for the first time you sew up a pattern. After that (when you have some experience with the pattern) if you still feel like a non-suggested fabric might work… proceed!

Do you have any lessons learned to add? Tell us in the comments!


If you are wondering about the projects in the photos. Here they are:

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