Anxiety almost made me quit!

This Studio Chat video is about anxiety. Nearly 1/5 of Americans have it and I suspect that creative people get it more often.

So I’m sure that many of you can relate to how I felt when I was overwhelmed to the point of quitting.


Last week I attended the popular women’s business conference Alt Summit in Palm Springs California. I’d never been to Palm Springs before and I loved it.


There is a unique mid-century modern vibe to the whole city – and beautiful flora!


But a few of the seminars really showed me how much I don’t know about blogging!

I have never ‘utilized analytics to formulate content strategy.’ Content what?

Sheesh – it literally almost made me give up.

With some good advice, bullet journaling (that’s fancy for making a lot of lists), and prayers I was able to recover from my anxiety.


Oh, and I wore my favorite Rifle Paper Company Keds!

Thanks for all the sweet comments that you have already left on the YouTube video. I’m so glad YOU don’t think I’m blogging wrong! ❤️


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  1. Gail Burke says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t give up – and you’re NOT doing it wrong. You put wonderful information up on your blog. Thank you for your generosity and also for your courage in sharing xo
    Gail, Australia

  2. I’m so glad you did not give up. I follow only 3 blogs and yours is one of them. I visit your sight most days. Sew for me you do it right!!! Thanks

  3. You are my first read every morning! Hang in there lovely lady!

  4. I’m too, am glad you didn’t give up. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way when it comes to blogging. I think there are just different styles, and that’s a good thing. It would be boring and unproductive if everyone blogged the same way. I happen to love your style of blogging and find it fun and easy to follow. Please, please keep going. I enjoy all the wonderful info and patterns you bring to us.

  5. Laurie de Vries says:

    The people who follow that advice become money-obsessed drones. I don’t read those blogs or admire their authors. I have spoken. 😛

  6. charlotte says:

    This really isn’t about any of your projects, but about your anxiety blog. As a retired educator of 30+ years, I used to get really out of sorts when I would go to a workshop or lecture on how to run a classroom, motivate students etc. One day I had a great epiphany…these were educators for educators…I’m an educator for students. I realized that what I was doing did not fit their concept of "perfect" teaching, but it worked for me and my students, and what gave them the right to decide they knew my students or subject better than I did? That’s my way of saying, you know your audience, your goals and what works for you. If I were you, I’d tell them "thank you for your input" and keep on doing what works for you. There is a reason I stay in touch with your site when I have dropped from several…you are a real person, doing real things for real sewers like me! Thank you for doing what you do so well!

  7. Caroline, I’m so glad you didn’t give up. You’re one of the few blogs that I visit regularly. You are generous with your tutorials and you make manageable projects. Keep it up!

  8. Nancy McC says:

    Thank you for deciding to keep going. Yours is one of the blogs I read all the time. I love your projects and the studio chats. I get anxious at times and pray also. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for all you do. My mom watches you too (at 81!) and just made your pouch with Tula Pink fabric! Turned out great.

  9. Congrats to you for not quitting…
    You are amazing….remember that.

  10. Kerry Williamson says:

    Wait, you mean there is a ‘right way and a wrong way’ to blog? News to me 🙂 Keep on keeping on I say and turn a very deaf ear to the nay sayers, many folk just do not have a great day unless they bring others down. hugs I am a High Functioning Autist and also have Social Anxiety on top of the Autism 😉 make for interesting bed fellows at times.
    Go for it I say and keep doing what you are doing, you are great just the way you are. People do have a choice on what they read or watch.

  11. It so doesn’t matter how you blog. I love your blog. The other way sounds so clinical and almost devious. Spontaneous and always a joy is just right !

  12. Caroline I love you just the way you are. I look forward to reading your blog everyday and enjoy all of it. Kudos to you for sharing your personal issues. I know it helps many of your followers. If you measure success by how much we love you, you’ve got it. You are the bomb dot com

  13. Molly McGuire says:

    Dear, dear Caroline. Honesty doesn’t have to be marketed. It shines through everything you do. You will attract viewers who are drawn to honesty and kindness.

  14. One of the things I’ve always liked about your blogs is your humanness. You recount your successes and your failings. It makes me feel like I can accomplish your projects even though I’ve had a 15 year respite from sewing. As one who used to present and attend many conferences (and not in the realm of sewing and designing), my advice, for when we find ourselves in a “foreign land” where we have no idea what people are talking about, or in over our heads where we’re treading water just to keep up, is to keep breathing, take notes and know that we can pick and choose what works for us and what we might try to incorporate from all this new information. Blogging, branding, or marketing is not one size fits all.

  15. Caroline,
    The best part of your blog is the easy going style. I am so impressed by the amount and depth of the information you provide. Your generosity and enthusiasm know no bounds and for that I am truly grateful. I am so glad you were able to work your way out of the anxiety. I applaud you for describing your experience as it will help others.

  16. Love your blog! Love your content, projects, chats and you! I have struggled with anxiety my entire life as well. I appreciate your courage to share. You are the first newsletter I check in my email daily. Don’t change a thing unless it’s your idea! Peggy

  17. You are an amazing woman! You definitely do NOT do it wrong. I love your blog, and I’ve learned so much. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  18. Aw I am so bummed to hear your experience at Alt was not good (or at least this part of it!). I definitely know what you mean about the trendy, young vibe – I am overwhelmed just looking at pictures of that conference. Building a community and loving what you do is also a huge part of what makes a successful blog, I think, and you clearly do that super well!! Glad you were able to quash the thought of quitting for sure 🙂 I’m guessing not but if you’re going to SNAP conference next week please let me know, I’d love to meet you! It is a much more relaxed vibe!

  19. Carolyn, I think you are such a lovely, real person. I am so sorry your went through such a distressing time. It did make me wonder if you had considered that you probably were not the only person sitting there who had self-doubts and felt the subject was way beyond them. You were just honest enough to admit it to yourself and the world. Bet there were a lot of others wondering what in the world they were doing there; but they just smiled, nodded knowingly, and moved on. You are obviously a very sensitive person. Thank you for using your unpleasant experience to reach out and help others.

  20. Lynn Myers says:

    Thank you for being so honest!
    We all have occasions to doubt ourselves.
    Know that I like you and the projects you present. I am not a seamstress but love to sew. My granddaughter (she is 8) and I have been sewing together for most of her life. You give us projects to make that look professional without being too difficult and most of all something she wants to make.
    Keep up the good work. Maybe back off a little, I like repeats.
    The people who are giving the seminars are paid to make you feel inadequate so you will buy their book.

  21. Shelia Rittgers says:

    I want you to know that your blog is the first one that I search for on my e-mail each morning. I have used many of your tutorials and love the content of your blog. In fact, I have eliminated several of the other blogs that I have followed in the past because your projects are so diverse and always have great tutorials and directions. Keep up the great work!!

  22. I’m a newbie here but just wanted to say bless you for facing your fears and carrying on ,much respect to you .❤️

  23. Melissa Allen says:

    Sending you hugs and love:)

    "Beautiful people?" Look at your photos from the hospital with your flowers. You glow, even when on drugs and feeling puny:)

    Anxiety and depression are just plain evil!!! They make you "see" things that are not so and make you believe the worst. They suck you into a pit that is hard to climb out of. No bueno!!!

    I appreciate your blog, tutorials and emails. I only subscribe to 3 sewing newsletters and SCS is one:)

    Please keep blogging and sharing and loving you:)


  24. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I love the projects, the colors, the organization, the energy and more. Technology can be so useful and it can also drill down so far it takes the life and creativity out and over-systematizes. I feel a personal and creative connection when I visit your blog. I am motivated and stimulated by the projects. Is your blog working for you?! Because it is definitely working for me!!!

  25. Theresa Boucher says:

    Dear Caroline,
    What a painful wake up call. I am sorry you went through that, but we always learn a little something from these stretching exercises. I enjoy your tutorials so much and I do not want to be played and strategized with. I am glad that you came out on the other side not giving up, and knowing that you are Enough!

  26. Leslie Randall says:

    I appreciate you and your website. Thank you for sharing about your anxiety. I have many times felt this way. We wouldn’t be on this site if we didn’t love your work. From your website, I have looked at many others and some I have followed but some I don’t but I always come back to yours.

  27. Please don’t doubt yourself. You are doing and great job and doing it honestly and not with any motive other than to share your gift and that makes you a lovely person. Your the one doing it right. Never give up.

  28. Don’t ever listen to that broken record in your head telling you to quit!!!!!!
    You have 9K followers and have been doing this for years. I check my email every day to see what you have for us, and I’m not the only one. You are not a failure.
    You are also an inspiration to those of us with depression/anxiety. If you have anxiety and can do this wonderful blog and sew all these beautiful things, maybe the rest of us can also achieve greatness.
    Don’t ever go away!

  29. Judy Wagner says:

    Thank you so much for not giving up your blog. I love the projects, the tutorials and the studio chats. Stay with what you know that works for you and those that follow you. You are not doing it wrong. It is your style and it works! Everyone has their own little methods that work for them, there is never just one way of doing anything. Keep on with the projects.

  30. Lisa Hodges says:

    Thank you for your courage in sharing your struggles and uncomfortable truths. AND thank you for your strength in doing so much, sharing so much creative goodness, in spite of your struggles.

    As someone challenged with depression and anxiety myself, I think you’re awesome, amazing, and inspiring. I, too, want to share my creativity with the world, but it’s all so overwhelming that I don’t even start, so I really admire you for doing it anyway. You’re lighting the way for others.

    BTW, I suspect those big-time bloggers who “optimize SEO” have a paid assistant, staff, or whatever. Honestly, I prefer your charming, more authentic style. So thank you!

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