Anxiety almost made me quit!

This Studio Chat video is about anxiety. Nearly 1/5 of Americans have it and I suspect that creative people get it more often.

So I’m sure that many of you can relate to how I felt when I was overwhelmed to the point of quitting.


Last week I attended the popular women’s business conference Alt Summit in Palm Springs California. I’d never been to Palm Springs before and I loved it.


There is a unique mid-century modern vibe to the whole city – and beautiful flora!


But a few of the seminars really showed me how much I don’t know about blogging!

I have never ‘utilized analytics to formulate content strategy.’ Content what?

Sheesh – it literally almost made me give up.

With some good advice, bullet journaling (that’s fancy for making a lot of lists), and prayers I was able to recover from my anxiety.


Oh, and I wore my favorite Rifle Paper Company Keds!

Thanks for all the sweet comments that you have already left on the YouTube video. I’m so glad YOU don’t think I’m blogging wrong! ❤️


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