Free Sewing Themed Word Search Puzzle


Take a break from whatever you’re doing and exercise your brain with a fun sewing themed word search puzzle!


Hello friends… guess what? Last week I was was at the hospital with my boy again. For his privacy (and 16 year old boys love their privacy) I won’t go into details, but he’s dealing with complications from a major accident and surgery this summer.

Even with all the pandemic restrictions, minors are thankfully still allowed to have a parent with them in the hospital so I’ve been hanging out there quite a lot.

To help pass the time, I discovered word search puzzles again (which I loved as a kid). I picked up this inspirational word search book in the hospital gift shop and completed about 20 of the puzzles in one day.

Then I started thinking about how much fun it would be to try a word search puzzle with sewing themed words.

So I started messing around on my computer and here it is!

Download my free ‘Sew Many Words’ sewing themed word search puzzle as a PDF.

I didn’t make a solution, but I don’t think you’ll need one because the puzzle isn’t all that difficult. But if you get stuck – tell me in the comments and I’ll give you a hint. 🙂



p.s. The image at the top of this page contains all the same words as the puzzle in the downloadable PDF document. I just thought that version was too hard so I re-did it. After you try the downloadable one, right click on the picture and print it for another try! 🙂

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