Sewing Easy Fleece Pom Pom Hats with Machine Embroidery!

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It’s present sewing time! This week I turned my attention away from quilts and bags (it was hard!) because I saw the Crafty Gemini’s clever video for sewing these adorable fleece hats with pom pom tops and machine embroidered peeker designs. I couldn’t resist! The video tutorial and pattern are both free. 🙂

My own kids think they are too old for pom pom hats – my youngest is nearly 12 – but my sister Beka who helps me with SewCanShe still has little ones who are the perfect recipients.


A 5’’x7’’ machine embroidery hoop is all you need for sewing designs on fleece for these hats since a bigger design wouldn’t fit anyway.

You only need 1/2 yard of fleece fabric for each one so if you catch fleece on sale or use a coupon they can cost very little to make. I was lucky enough to get it for $4 a yard just before Thanksgiving so my hats only cost $2 each, not counting the embroidery supplies and scraps I used for applique, lol.


There are lots of cute machine embroidery peeker designs on the internet, but if you want to find these particular designs, the little reindeer and the bear came from Designs by JuJu and the smart kitty is from Appliques with Character.

What’s your favorite fast and easy sewing project for kids? Tell me in the comments!

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